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    Ruger Single Six 32

    You know, maybe I should look at a gun like this instead of a lipsey baby vaquero single seven which is unobtanium for a reasonable price right now. This one could get a handsome front sight, remove the barrel banner, some nice CCH on the frame and a rust blue on the rest, maybe some grip work...
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    Forum for the .327? .327 Fed Mag Users Unite!

    Well, since I see all the32 cal fans in one spot, does anyone know of a boutique defense bullet like the 50gr deep hollow pointed 9mm? 327 fed seems like just the right design for a similar load with a hyper deep HP with tough bullet...
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    This old Vaquero

    i wouldn’t change those grips for anything.
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    What's Your Dream Ruger Revolver?

    I have mine. Dovetail front sight. 3.5" barrel that allows me to still pull the pin without removing the EJRH (second place would be the 4-5/8" length with standard EJRH length). All steel construction, no Aluminum or SS. Including the hammer, I like SBH hammers over bisleys. Birdshead...
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    Where to get a 45 ACP cylinder for Vaquero???

    If you have one reamed from pilots, what are the chances for misalignment? Just a matter of getting a new latch and fitting?
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    Vaquero case coloring reblue question

    Cheaper than $450 if you strip the frame yourself. Lead time is short too if you're just getting case coloring and returned to you. I hear you can get even cheaper service if you prep the frame yourself, but I just left that part to the experts. It's not "free", but it's also not blue. And it...