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    I like the blue as well but really like the 5 inch barrel
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    Was at the local Fun shop yesterday and saw a blue, 5 inch Redhawk in 44 mag. Store guy said it was a Lew Horton limited release. Asking $875. Anybody have any info on these ?
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    ROA with Brass Grip Frame

    Got my letter from Ruger today. Serial # 140-09000 shipped in June, 1973 as a model BP-7B which I understand to mean it is a factory brass frame.
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    ROA with Brass Grip Frame

    Thanks. Not what I was hoping to here. I don't have a box, just the revolver. Whoever fit the grip did a fine job!
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    ROA with Brass Grip Frame

    Picked up an unfired ROA, ser # 140-09xxx, with a brass grip frame. Frame looks factory installed but previous owner wasn't sure. See # puts it at a 1972 production well after brass grips were introduced. I'm going to call Ruger tomorrow to see what they can tell me. Why thoughts as too what...
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    Ruger No.1 RSI 243 cal

    I have acquired a Ruger No.1 RSI in 243 cal. I'm told the twist is 1:7.5. Can anyone verify this or tell we what the twist actually is? What grain bullets does it like. I will be using it on Deer this fall.
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    Front sight for a Security Six????

    I installed one of those stainless sights that Ron is talking aboutin my Security six. Wasn't real hard to get it to fit. You will have to drill a 1/16" hole thru the sight for the cross pin that holds it in the ramp.
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    Burris FastFire II or Ultradot on SBH Hunter?

    I have an Ultradot on my 41 mag. Hunter. Works great.
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    Well, this only took about 34 years

    I have one just like it - well, mines a 5.5 inch and a 41 magnum, but I like it just the same. Carry it in a Diamond Custom chest holster when I'm in the woods. A great hunting rig!!!!!
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    Look what I Found

    I found a 5.5 inch stainless 41 mag Redhawks online a few months ago. I talked the seller into shipping it and now it's mine. It lives right alongside my OM 41 mag Blackhawk, my NM 41 mag Blackhawk and my Blackhawk Bisley Hunter in 41 mag.
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    Bisley grip frames

    I've bought new and used Bisley frames for my Rugers and they all took the same grip. As far as I know there is only on Ruger Bisley grip.
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    New to forum

    I use Mobil 1 synthetic . Have for years in my vehicles and my guns. That stuff clings like crazy.
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    Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter 45LC for sale on Gunbroker

    I paid a lot less than that for a new one of these Bisley Hunters in 41 mag.
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    Why the fascination for the .45 ACP Vaquero?

    I have a case hardened 45LC with 3 1/2" barrel with the Birdseed grips. Love it!! Easy to cary, fun to shoot, will do the job if it needs to. I also fit a 45 ACP cylinder to it. Same gun, same everything, but cheaper to shoot, less recoil. I have the best of both worlds.

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