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    Tools&Targets: This AMMO RUINED My Barrel!😠 Winchester White Box .22lr Consistency Test With the Sig P322!

    I bought a box of Winchester 333 ammo about 4 or 5 years ago and took it to the range with my Mark I target and my Mark II target. I have shot both of these guns for years (the Mark I is from 1976 and the Mark II from 1984) and literally have never had a failure to fire or failure to eject with...
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    Baby formula shortage

    To add to my previous post, CNN and MSNBC and most of the other cable news networks do the same thing.
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    Baby formula shortage

    Those pallets were not formula, they were evaporated milk. Trusting Sean Hannity and Fox News gets you nowhere. They're just going for the ratings.
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    scope base on American? Merged threads

    Have 4 Ruger Americans, never did anything with the scope mounts and have had no issues. They all shoot lights out when you get them sighted in.
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    I don't think Ruger is still making them. If they're not on the Ruger website, I'd say they're not.
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    The EC9s has an integrated sight in the rail and the LC9s has a 3 dot drift adjustable sight, I carry a LC9s and it's a great cc gun, very accurate. You can still get them, just google LC9s for sale and you will find options, good luck.
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    To my fellow Veterans

    Thank you to all of those that served and are serving now. Because you're all willing to answer the call to keep us safe from those who would do us harm, we can live our lives and feel well protected.
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    Ruger sr40 what load shoots good and improving the trigger

    I've got seven SR series pistols and they all have good triggers, in fact, that was one of their selling points. Try removing the magazine safety and then see what you think of the trigger. I removed all of mine (kept them all in the originals boxes) and it takes about 4 to 5 minutes at most to...
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    How tough are High Points???

    Some years ago, my son told me that he saw one at a garage sale of all places and the guy wanted $40.00 for it. I told him that he screwed up, he should have bought it and sent it in to Hi-Point and they go through them and repair or replace any missing or damaged parts for free. He could have...
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    Bullet weight in LCR9?

    mikld, I gave you my experience with 147 grain HST's and that was with an LCR 9mm.
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    Bullet weight in LCR9?

    I carried an LCR 9mm for several years and I liked it a lot. The most accurate round at 7 to 9 yards was the Federal HST in 147 grain for me.
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    Two pinkie grips for Ruger LCR .38 Special +P

    I've always been a Hogue user, but I tried the Pachmayr Diamond Pro grip on my LCRx .357 3". After trying it out, I immediately ordered another one for my LCRx .38 Spec. 3". Great grips and not too expensive.
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    Ruger American Predator, older model magazine options?

    I have a Predator in .308 and have the flush mount rotary magazine and have no problems so far. I also went on the ShopRuger website and pulled up the Ruger American Rifle and looked at the magazines there. If you look at the magazine they offer for the 450 Bushmaster (item #90633), it's a 3...
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    Ruger LC9S Slide Lock or release?

    I have a LC9s and more than a few other semi-autos and I don't or would not use the slide lock for anything but clearing a ftf or fte.
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    Ruger LC9S Slide Lock or release?

    I have a LC9s and more than a few other semi-autos and I don't or would not use the slide lock for anything but clearing a ftf or fte.