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    All You Need to Know About Batteries

    Very enlightening bit of information. If all can be corroborated it confirms my belief that all this electrification movement is smoke and mirrors. It just doesnt add up. Follow the money !!!
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    Portable Refrigerator

    Take a look at BougeRV refrigerators and see if that might work for you
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    OH fudge! (cell phone)

    You can get an app that has ringtones downloaded and then you would be good to go. Get one of the teenagers to do it for you and save the aggrevation. Using android and Samsung it should be a snap.
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    Came very close to being scammed out of $1000

    The listed address is someones house in Duncanville Texas
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    Prices of Hotel in Bozeman, MT

    I see several acceptable motels listed on Priceline for $135 - $150 for this coming weekend. Mountain View is listed at $187. What dates were you looking for ?
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    Burned Romex Cable

    I would guess that the black terminal on the outlet had become loose over time and the large draw by the heater created excessive heat / resistance condition at that connection. This in turn will dis-color the outlet and heat the wires to the point you experienced. Not knowing if the wires in...
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    A very handy device

    Where did you get your adapter
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    .414 Martin Razorback (w / RDW grip frame)

    Your posts are always so interesting and informative. Great description of the work, thought process and results. Greatly admire yalls craftsmanship and creativity. Very admirable indeed. Maybe even a bit jealous ha-ha. Have read through your pinned posting on building a pistol several times...
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    Ethernet failure

    Hey Kevin What brand of repeaters have worked for you ? Thanks
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    Ad Blocker

    I have used AdBlock for several years now and it has worked flawlessly. You do have to go into the settings menu and make a handful of selections based on your preference for the items you want blocked when you first download it but thats it. Certain web sites demand that you turn it off (...
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    Long Range Shot

    Rifle 375ct by JJ Rock with a Kahles 525i in a Sphur mount, and Accutac 50 bipods The 375 Ct ammo: 400 gr Cutting Edge lazers Gen II Peterson Brass Prepped with Le Wilsons, amp annealing, and frankford arsenal.
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    Long Range Shot

    Yes, in another of her videos she said the plate was 36x36
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    Long Range Shot

    Holy Cow !!! WOW !!!
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    Electronics Charging Question

    I have 2 laptops and 2 cell phones. They all use the new Type C plug in. The laptops use a 45w charger and the cell phones are typically a 2w charger. Is it safe to charge the cell phone with the 45w charger or will I burn up something ? Steve
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    Hotel Stays

    Been traveling a few weeks over the holidays. Had about 14 different hotel stays in every imaginable name brand. Why is it they ALL have the exact same breakfast - powdered eggs, microwave potato chunks, shoe leather sausage patty, bland waffle, generic brand cereal and a #2 grade apple or a...