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    Prices of Hotel in Bozeman, MT

    Truck Bed heck with those Hotels.
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    Top Gun "Maverick"

    Have not seen the movie, but did see a short video on how they were able to use a combination of Val Kilmer's son's voice, which is extremely similar, and technology to recreate Val's voice for his role. His actual voice has been much affected by his past throat cancer battles. Val Kilmer was...
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    Gun Owners of America question

    Exactly.....the National Rifle Association AND the Second Amendment Foundation have successfully collaborated together on Second Amendment cases...we are stronger together. I will say the collaboration has not always been seamlessly perfect, but they work it out and have been successful -...
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    RIP, Naomi Judd

    Truly tragic....I had the opportunity to see The Judds perform live around 1986 or 87, when they were touring with Ronnie Milsap. Enjoyed their music and stage presence so much.....always thought Naomi was a stunningly beautiful woman. She did not have it easy growing up, and often living just...
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    I was called out for carrying..

    Was that a pistol in your pocket...or were you just happy to see them?
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    Gun Owners of America question

    Here is my view into what I would list as the "Top 3" Second Amendment Rights organizations....both by Membership numbers and EFFECTIVE actions : National Rifle Association Membership = approx. 5-million Members My status - Benefactor Life Member I won't go into a lot of details here on...
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    Can You Handle The .44 Magnum?

    Couple of tips : On the 44 Magnum, I found investing in a pair of shooting gloves, with gel pack shock absorbers in the palm, greatly reduce hand or wrist discomfort after shooting range sessions. On that pistol grip shotgun...invest in a Knox Recoil Reducing pistol grip...or stock. Makes a...
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    Are internet forums becoming a thing of the past?

    To me, it kind of seems like they are....Facebook Groups, of special interest, dealing them a major hit.
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    People are sure sensitive about little things, or maybe I'm just a curmudgeon

    Well, if I might offer this....usually in posts like that, people are being asked to share PERSONAL favorites of theirs.....whether it be movies or music. They do so, because it means something special to them. Myself, I happen to have a small collection of some of the most influential...
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    Tell me about air fryers

    Get one that can do both Pressure Cooking and Air Frying....lot more versatile as to what you can cook with it. Myself, I bought the Ninja niece's daughter had a Ninja and especially liked how easy it was to clean. Anyway...I really like French Fries and Onion Rings in it, without...
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    Ruger Redhawk, 7 1/2" 44 Magnum

    I had a friend once ask me, several years ago, what sidearm I might recommend he carry as a backup on his Deer hunting and / or Hog hunting trips. I told him the Ruger Super Redhawk in stainless, with 7-1/2" barrel. At the time, he found a great deal, whereby he purchased it for $700. He has...
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    Johnny Depp

    My opinion....seen enough to realize they are both "damaged" and each with their own issues. Don;t give it another view nor thought since.......wish FOX would get off of it. Of course, they are not the only media outlet obsessing over it.
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    Home invasion shown on Jesse Waters' show

    There is something I have always wondered....and that is the complete willingness of most people to open their door to most anyone who knocks on it. My first level of home security......I hear a knock on the door...I look to the driveway (don't recognize the vehicle if one is there)
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    Private gun range owner robbed and killed

    If the paper seems purposefully to hide the identity of the person captured....then it's a dead giveaway to the ethnic demographic.
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    October 2011 - The FIRST Annual East Coast Ruger Forum Gathering - PHOTOS

    I was intrigued by the Rifle that was "swayed over" to accommodate a right-handed, but left eye dominant shooter. Was the first time I had seen one of those.