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    Where I stand.....

    A question for the regular church goers that I hope does not derail the thread. What do you get out of attending regular services that you would not get studying your religion on your own? I ask as I don't go to church because I don't want a fallible human between me and God. Thank you. -Stan
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    GP100 44 Spl +P loads

    Because I was curious I see the 4.2” GP100 in 44 Special weighs 37 ounces while the 4.25” barrel S&W Model 69 in 44 Magnum weighs 37.4 ounces. Please don’t ban me. :) -Stan
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    Revolver for MIL

    I suggest you reinforce success. -Stan
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    Redhawk snubby round butt

    The 45 Colt model sounds dreamy. -Stan
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    GP100 6 or 7 shot?

    The six shot, having more steel in the cylinder, weighs more overall, so while it lacks a 7th round it will be slightly better as an impact weapon. -Stan
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    GP100, something old, something new and what we could expect?

    A five shot GP100 in 45 Colt? “Add to cart.” -Stan
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    Thoughts on Ruger SP101 vs Smith Model 60, 66, etc???

    My apologies for the lack of detail. In Massad Ayoob’s case, he shot it heavily. In your context, you probably wouldn’t ever have the same issue. -Stan
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    Thoughts on Ruger SP101 vs Smith Model 60, 66, etc???

    After hearing Massad Ayoob tell how he and his friends switched to Ruger revolvers over S&W to avoid frame screws working themselves out I would go Ruger every single time unless there is a must have design feature in a S&W that Ruger does not offer. -Stan
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    Brass Grip Frames good or bad

    I added one of Ronnie Wells’ Bradshaw Bisley grip frames to my Blackhawk. For me, it does several things. First, it makes the gun heavier and able to soak up recoil a bit more comfortably. Second, this Bisley interpretation puts the trigger guard farther away from the knuckle which makes...
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    CPAP users

    Quattro FX full face mask going on nine years. Having spent some time sleeping with a gas mask on in the USMC the transition was easy. I love my mask and love my machine. -Stan
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    New Member / Northern Virginia

    Thank you everyone! -Stan
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    New Member / Northern Virginia

    Thank you David! -Stan
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    New Member / Northern Virginia

    Stanley White here. Former Marine. Still working for The Man. I also frequent Lever Gun Scoundrels, The High Road, and a couple of other places. Thank you for having me. -Stan