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    Here's who bought up Remington

    I'd love to see them makes the 39A, the Mountie as well.
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    Piebald Visitor

    Great Deer pics. I have seen two Piebald Deer in the last few years, very cool to see.
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    Tyler Gunworks 327 Bisley S7

    Very nice ! Classic and classy.
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    Price of a single six

    The single six is a nicely finished well built gun, like a mini Blackhawk. I would bet it stays the same. The Wrangler is a great entry level gun.
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    Denver Post Columnist Fired - Arguing There Are Two Sexes

    There are still only two sexes....It's really that simple. The science is in.
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    Old Bisley SAA

    WOW !
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    Granddaughter's Christmas

    Well done Grandpa !
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    357 lever gun 16 vs 20 inch barrel

    +1 for the Marlin 1894c with it's 18.5 bbl, it's a very good "split the difference" choice. I have one and I love the size and handling of it. Mine's not a JM but a 2018 remlin, I have no complaints. With the right loads it will shoot pretty darn flat. 125 grain bullets will shoot over 2000...
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    Ruger 77 African pics

    Very very nice !
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    M77 Hawkeye Bluing

    I just saw a Satin Blue Hawkeye the other day. I do like the classic bluing better but of all the satin finishes I have seen on rifles, the Ruger looks the best by far . I believe they still offer the classic blue finish. There's a new Hawkeye at my LGS brand new, blue finish. In 308, very purdy !
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    Tie-dyed tail

    I think he's 1/1000 Indian !
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    Moon shot

    I love Swiss cheese ! :)
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    Ever Seen or Heard of One?

    I like it !
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    Question about .32 H&R mag Single six

    I have a single six plow handle 6.5 bbl 32 H&R and I love it ! That is the most common config, though in shorter bbl lengths as well. In my experience, they are accurate flat shooters. A lot of fun. I'm not letting mine go anytime soon.

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