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    Question re leasing farm land for cattle grazing.

    Fencing requirements vary by state. Make sure you know what constitutes a legal fence. Here in southern colorado a legal fence is a 4 wire. We shared a pasture with a neighbor. My brother and I set out to attend a calf with an abcess on his jaw, when my brother was attacked a few years ago...
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    Bob C's list of OM .357's.

    s/n: 100257 6-1/2
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    Power Custom hammer and trigger question.

    I installed a PC hammer and trigger in a new model single-six. All of my Ruger revolvers have triggers massaged by me, as I am fussy about my triggers. When I installed the PC kit I didn't have to do anything to the trigger, - It is fantastic. Can't answer your question about the free spin...
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    Questions regarding a kitchen remodel

    we live over 100 miles from any major retailers. We needed to replace our stove/oven (propane) and our dishwasher. At 74 years old i am no longer able do these installs myself. We ordered an LG dishwasher and stove/oven. Our choice was limited as not all retailers would perform the...
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    Weird codes on a Subaru Outback

    vito - we had a similar problem with a 2015 subaru forester. Tech couldn't find anything wrong with their magic code readers. The problem was intermittent and just as you described. I went to a subaru forum and discovered it was a fairly common problem. The problem was the OEM brake light...
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    .38 S&W SPL+P with moon clips

    Thank you all for your responses. They encouraged me to do more research. I never would have guessed a revolver could function both with and without moon clips. And the 642-1 can as the moon clips are 0.020" thick Thanks, Taylor
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    .38 S&W SPL+P with moon clips

    Since this question is about a "non-Ruger" revolver, I thought it best to post here. A have a cousin that is a first time firearm owner in Massachusetts. I'm in Colorado. The label on the box is: Smith & Wesson M642 PRO series w/moonclips. Model 642-1, .38 S&W SPL+P. I've searched everywhere...
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    P51 Mustangs and the men who flew them

    . A documentary The Greatest Generation. A declining population! Awesome, get out the Kleenex!!! If you haven't seen this short film, do yourself a favor and find the time to view this. Beautifully done. Watch to the end. Gray...
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    Extended Car Warranties

    Every third party car warranty we've had over the last thirty years has gone bankrupt before the coverage expired, even after extreme research and recommendations. I tend to trust Dealership extended warranties on new cars, but in the 5 new vehicles in over ten years, we've never had to use...
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    Things that are just 'wrong'

    As in thirty-aught-six (30-06)????
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    Are you a Baby Boomer 1946/64?

    Shootinfule -- 1947
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    Are you a Baby Boomer 1946/64?

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    Who's gotten their government check???

    last name "T", we got ours Dec 31, $1200 direct deposit
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    A little Old School Dirt Time.

    What a wonderful post. Thank you for brightening my day. Taylor
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    military tricare

    bobski: I received a letter that states: "As required by law, TRICARE is introducing enrollment fees for Group A retired beneficiaries enrolled in TRICARE Select coverage. ..." Open season is from Nov. 9 -Dec 14. Individual plan $12.50/month; Family $25. It is an aggravating mystery to me where...