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    Stolen Guns near Greenville SC.

    Wonderful, thank you
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    Stolen Guns near Greenville SC.

    Stolen from storage unit near Greenville, please spread the word. I had a SA M1 Garand in the CMP case, my Dad's SA M1898 Krag, a tactical Remington Shotgun, and a Ruger 10/22 takedown (as well as a bunch of ammo) taken sometime last week (11/16-11/19). Serial numbers available on request...
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    Paint Your AR-556

    OD Green Cerakote
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    AR 556 grip plug

    It turns out that it's not the stock Ruger grip. It's a Hogue rubber overmold, with a ruger emblem on it. I'm ordering the Hogue plug set from them.
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    AR 556 grip plug

    Just got a new AR-556 with the OD Green cerakote finish. It has the standard black Ruger grip on it. Anyone been able to find a grip plug that fits this grip? It's a different size from the normal AR/M4 grip. I can always replace the grip, but I like the feel of the stock Ruger grip and...
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    sp101 Style Grips for Security Six

    Does anyone make sp101 style grips (rubber, with an insert) for a security six?
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    UM84R chest rig

    I have a Bianchi UM84R universal holster for my 4" security six. According to the Bianchi web site, the M13 chest harness kit fits all versions of the UM84 except the 84R. Does anyone have any experience with the chest harness? Why won't it fit, and would it be possible to modify it so it would?