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    For those on the fence on media separators

    I have had a RCBS media separator for years. Used to use a Dollar Store colander too. I thought the separator was a gimmick but I quickly realized it plain works!
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    I like 45 Colt and 300 grain Hard Casts, Load?

    What gun are you loading for? You can try 2400. It has a nice pressure curve without getting a big spike with warmer loads. 2400 needs good neck tension and a firm crimp. I would shoot for .003 to .005 neck tension. Have you measured your throats? I would not use too hard a bullet. I...
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    Historically Accurate Rebluing for FT's

    contender, the response about not using Turnbull was also from the OP.
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    Historically Accurate Rebluing for FT's

    You can lead a horse to water....
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    Historically Accurate Rebluing for FT's

    I would contact Doug Turnbull for starters.
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    Time to Refurb

    Go hard chrome! 8)
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    .45 Throat reamer

    Call Dave Clements. VERY fair prices from a well known pistol smith. Compare prices and you will see what I mean. See number 35 on this page: I have used him 2x and regret when I have not used him. He is tooled up to do the job...
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    .44 Special Sizing Question

    You can buy individual pins on Amazon in the ranges you are most likely to use.
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    .44 Special Sizing Question

    A general rule is to load for your throat size. You gain nothing when you use the throats to size your cast boolits. It increases pressure and it can leave lead behind. Boolit hardness comes into play here. Something < 15 BHN will expand to throat size and seal in the bore. Bevel base...
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    Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook, 4th Edition

    I recently got a copy of the Lyman 4th edition also. I too am disappointed with it. Being a big fan of the .45 Colt, the load data was limited. The articles did not help. Save your money and buy Dave Scovill's book, Colt's Single Action Army, Loading and Shooting the Peacemaker. Full of...
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    Lewis Lead Remover?

    Yepper, lots of variables INCLUDING pushing cast bullets at FASTER velocities so the bullet will obturate and not suffer gas cutting. Has anyone noticed what date the OP was made? :roll:
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    Old Model .22 magnum cylinder in a .22 LR SS

    Good to know! This one is 188,000. Thanks all!
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    Old Model .22 magnum cylinder in a .22 LR SS

    What is the bore diameter of an OM convertible single six .22 magnum? What is the bore diameter of an OM single six .22 LR? I guess you know where this is leading................... :twisted:
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    Still waiting for my first issue.
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    Me too!