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    Grip Karma

    Thank you kindly! Please add me in as well!
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    Less Expensive---rebarrel or rechamber a Ruger No. 1?

    Thanks for all your comments. I'll pass them along to my friend!
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    Less Expensive---rebarrel or rechamber a Ruger No. 1?

    Hi All! My buddy is wanting a Ruger No. 1 in 7x64. Knowing that Ruger never made one in that caliber, what would be less expensive to buy a donor rifle in a smaller caliber and rechamber and drill out the barrel or to just buy a donor rifle in any caliber and rebarrel it? Also, any...
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    Aaron Houge of Houge Grips Killed at Reno Air Races

    Watching the video, I think the 61 year old pilot had a medical event.
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    Tom Horn

    It's an 1876 (which also has a short reciever at the stock junction); see my earlier post, please.
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    Tom Horn

    Jim, one can see the sliding dust cover and the edge of the side plate as found on a '76 in the above pic of McQueen holding the rifle. '86s don't have either (and is a much better design, in my opinion, having owned both in the past!)
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    Tom Horn

    Yes, the film rifle was an 1876 Winchester probably in 45-60.
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    UPS won't ship firearms for NON-FFLs

    Going to make it difficult to send guns to small gunsmithing operations.
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    Another Matt Dillon observation....

    Probably one of his 'back up' revolvers! Saw an early episode one time where his main revolver was damaged and he told Chester to go get his back up revolver.
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    I need to move

    We have a "Blazing Saddle" street here, right next to "Raging Bull" street and "Texas Ranger"; can't imagine where those names came from!
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    Hello from Overton, Nevada…

    Welcome from southern NV also!
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    Cowboys and their horses.....

    I remember reading how one time Roy Rogers quietly took Trigger up a stairwell in a hospital to visit sick children in the children's ward. That had to be an interesting trick! I also read that Topper was named by Boyd's wife; the name came from the Topper films of the 1930s. There's a painting...
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    Am I missing something here?

    That price is slightly high at the present time in my opinion; that would have been a selling price in 2021 from what I've seen. More recently, I've seen them listed for $800-$900 and sell, in the last 6-8 months and that is not with box and papers. 44-40 Rugers were the least made of all the...
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    micarta handle oiled

    No need to oil micarta grips as far as I know.
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    New Model Blackhawk Bisley

    I prefer the looks of the plow handle over the bisley, but I've slowly come to appreciate the Ruger Bisley grip for more powerful loads and duelist style. Infact, I've been thinking of seeing if I can change a plow handle over to a Bisley grip frame. To the OP, what caliber is your Bisley...