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    Ruger Max 9 discharge.

    What's interesting is this thread started back in April, and we've not heard one word since, including other such incidences. Makes you wonder.
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    LCP Max sent back to Ruger

    >>- accuracy with the gun is not what I want.>> Let's face's a belly gun! It was never meant to be a range gun or especially pleasant to shoot. I refer to mine (non "max") as my "last resort" gun.
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    I don't carry one but I do have one. In fact, it's one of my best shooters!
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    22/45 ..... broken Mainspring Assembly

    I broke one once and simply ordered a VQ replacement.
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    MAX-9 Range Report** - Very Nice!

    >>I didn't think you could take any gun into NJ<< I don't even want to go into NJ WITHOUT a gun!
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    Ruger SR9 Had to have another one

    >>I really wanted the Olive Drab Green<< I'd jump on one of those myself, but they are few and far between. :-(
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    Ruger SR9 Had to have another one

    Back in September I bought my first SR9 in stainless. Came with original box and all the goodies, and was in excellent condition. After adding a Ghost 3.5# connector, Handleit grips, and a Dawson F.O. front sight, it's one of my best shooters. Then a few weeks ago I came upon an SR9C, also in...
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    What's the best way to put the bolt back in 1022

    >>The gentleman that runs Gunsmither Tools makes a very handy little tool to aid in 10/22 bolt installation. Certainly not mandatory, but money well spent<< Ditto the above.....
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    LCP Max Galloway trigger

    I installed the Galloway flat faced trigger (red) on my LCP ll, and it did improve the trigger to a great extent. I can't say how it compares to the old trigger as far as "take up" goes percentage wise, but I did it to be an improvement. The break is clean and reset is fairly short as well. The...
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    Ruger sr40 what load shoots good and improving the trigger

    >>Precision sells trigger kits for the Ruger SR series pistols.<< Except they never seem to have them in stock. :-(
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    Ruger red trigger??

    Mine has one, albeit supplied by Galloway.
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    LCP after-market trigger

    No, I did not install it myself. I have a local armor who does my trigger conversions for a mere $30.00. Well worth it to me anyway.
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    LCP after-market trigger

    I can't say that it reduced the trigger pull appreciably, but it probably took some of the "play" out of the trigger. Plus, I'm a fan of flat faced triggers in general, and it didn't cost all that much. I can't speak to the legality of it all, but if it comes down to a self defense situation...
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    LCP after-market trigger

    Galloway here.
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    Shipping Services

    >>I like to ship from my local ffl he can ship USPS priority mail<< And here you have it. Cheaper to ship and no problems on the receiving end. Many FFLs will only accept shipments from other FFLs.

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