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    Any Hulu, roku, Apple TV etc etc experts here ?

    Hulu? roku? Apple TV?? *scratches head* I am SO out of date with technology!! lol
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    Actor Abe Vigoda gone at age 94

    He's one actor that I've heard his name forever, and yet I could never tell anyone ONE thing he's done. I never saw Barney Miller... 94 is a pretty good run! RIP Abe!
  3. RugerHound

    Just for a change from politics...

    What's extraordinary is that this sort of behavior in the face of adversity seems to be the exception today more than the rule. What a good, good woman.
  4. RugerHound

    Shootout at gun store ....

    Gunny - The story doesn't say which father/son were killed... Was it the customer or the LGS proprietor?
  5. RugerHound

    This Forum

    A wonderful 'internet family' resides here! Good people, even those with whom I disagree on the odd topic! ;) I cannot recall a Ruger question being raised that wasn't answered... Occasionally with a bit of ... family squabbling! ;)
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    We lost a local range this morning.

    I hate hearing stories like this :( Especially with rare collectibles.
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    Ready for the snow?

    I've got my binoculars and telephoto lens... I can see some snow in the Superstitions from the last storm... When I get sick of the snow, I can put all the hardware away and go for a motorcycle ride! I love the desert in the winter! ;) Seriously - Having grown up in Maine, I have a...
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    This bullfrog goes into a bank...

    A horse walks into a saloon... steps up to the bar and asks for a beer. Bartender draws a beer, sets it down in front of the horse and asks: "Why the long face?" ....
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    This bullfrog goes into a bank...

    Oh my goodness! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. RugerHound

    Anyone ever see or use a "Bullseye Camera"?

    This looks as neat as can be!! Spendy as all get out, but man it's neat!
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    More memories of smokers.......

    You paint wonderful pictures in my mind with your stories Bob!! I never tire of reading them! Thank you for posting...
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    It could happen again

    Ba da bing... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I got a new cell phone!

    Hmmmm My phone is pretty old. Has real buttons and a screen the size of a postage stamp. It's smarter than I am so I have no need for more. And there ain't anyone I wanna talk to anyway! I don't THINK I've gotten any calls that it'll be outdated... 100 dollars a year ain't bad insurance...
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    The Oscars and Equal Opportunity

    I have never EVER watched the Oscars or any other awards shows... EVER. I have about 163,313 other things I'm more interested in doing! ;)
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    Winter time makework chore.....

    I love those boxes... My dad used those and hence so have I. Never thought about color coding though! Great idea!

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