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    My Latest...Finally!

    Great get!
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    KARMA: Custom Stabilized Redwood Grips! Winner = jimbo1096!

    My compliments! Please add my name to the list.
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    Thanks Hittman, I will shoot him a PM - I appreciate it. RM
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    Sure would like to buy a new LCR, but just can't get my big old arthritic hands around the grips. Has anyone found any larger aftermarket grips available for the LCR?
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    GP100 Grip

    Glad I could help!
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    GP100 Grip

    Grips look very similar to a set I saw on a Talo SP recently. Those I saw were made for Ruger by Altamont.
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    454 price check

    Just bought a new Alaskan .454 for $800 at local shop. Gander Mtn. has a scratched up used one for $700 but they usually are a bit higher on guns. I'd say around $675 - $725 if it is in 98-99% range. Great Gun!!
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    Holster suggestions for Ruger Alaskan .44 mag

    The model # FC13REF2 is in the Field Carry section which is accessed by clicking on the Field Carry icon on the left side of the Mernickle homepage. Chris at Mernickle told me that there was about a 5 week turnaround on my order.
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    Holster suggestions for Ruger Alaskan .44 mag

    Tankhead - I just ordered the Mernickle holster for my 454 Alaskan. Go to their website and click on field carry. I ordered the one with the bear paw. First saw it on Gunblast in the archive file. This holster is worn crossdraw.
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    Alaskan 44 mag

    +1 on the Simply Rugged holsters. Just another option is the Mernickle field carry holster - "Bear Paw" it is cross draw only.
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    New to forum - New Alaskan Ordered

    Great input! Thanks to all. I no longer have any desire for wood!! I bought the Alaskan to carry in the Rockies ...big cats, moose, and an occasional bear and the worst of all, the two legged vermon.
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    I'm hooked! Is there a cure?

    It's a beautiful thing, a dad...his son... and a couple of Rugers!!!!!
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    New to forum - New Alaskan Ordered

    Thanks for the replies, I will try the sites mentioned and see what I can find.
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    New to forum - New Alaskan Ordered

    I just ordered a new Alaskan 2 1/2 in. in .454. Been wanting one for many years. I realize that the factory grips are there to absorb the shock, but has anyone used wood instead? If so, any pics and info? Thanks

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