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    LCP II .22 LR

    Great little gun in my book. Mine prefers HV ammo. The firing pin broke at about 800 rounds. I have about 2000 rounds in it and use it for a pocket warmer. I have added a Crimson Trace Laserguard and it makes a great little package. CCI SBG is the preferred round in it. I paid $319.00 at the...
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    Mark II vs Mark IV 22/45 Lite with bulk ammo

    Vertical stringing appears to be the same but horizontal seems to be spread out which I would call shooter error. The lite weight guns seem to shoot better when using more of a combat grip and trigger finger placement.
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    Useless, For Need of a Spring?

    Makes me wonder what Volquartsen dose for there 1911 Target frame. Maybe Ruger could trade Volquartsen sear springs for v lock springs.
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    Dwarf Car Museum, Maricopa AZ 19 Pictures

    Can’t wait until the low rider crowd gets ahold of a couple of these.
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    22Plinkster: HOW FAR IS A .22LR ACCURATE?

    Dan, didn’t they teach you in Firearm Safety Class to never mix firearms and pajama parties? Just kidding I couldn’t resist.
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    22Plinkster: HOW FAR IS A .22LR ACCURATE?

    I’m sure I will get booed here but to me for something to count on I’ve always considered 50 yards as a dependable call it and hit it number. Sure you can walk bullets in to beat the variables for the given time and day at longer ranges but I wouldn’t use one to hunt bushy tails at 100 yards.
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    Ruger auto 22 pistol assembly tool ?

    He, He, He, He, a tool.
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    Lite Rack / CTC Laserguard

    Got to the range and the laser was right on at 7 yds. I was just past 850 rounds for the gun and got 2 lite strikes and then nothing. That’s right my Lite Rack turned into a Lite Strike which turned into a No Strike. Got home and disassembled the slide and sure enough the end was missing from...
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    Lite Rack / CTC Laserguard

    Been very happy and impressed with my purchase of the Lite Rack. So far I have been able to avoid any of the problems I have read about. I’ve had one failure to feed ( round 3 out of over 800 ) and nothing else. Sights are a little small but nothing that I didn’t know when I bought the gun...
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    Ruger LCP II, 22LR First Time.

    “I used mine as trade for something reliable and not picky about ammo!” You weren’t trying to use it as a target gun were you?
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    Ruger LCP II, 22LR First Time.

    Well I bought this little gun a while back and just got around to shooting it. It took a little while to get use to loading the magazines. The problem with loading them is there is no problem. Trying to muscle the rounds in just causes problems. Using just a little finesse along with the...
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    Is there any music that can bring a tear to your eyes?

    Not much more than I can say than this video says. It’s Ashley Campbell about her dad Glen Campbell.
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    accurate standard size barell

    I have a MKII Standard 4 3/4” barrel/receiver on top of a Volquartsen 1911 Target Frame. It also has Volquartsen Target sights front and rear. The bolt and main spring housing assembly are from the same gun as the upper. This gun shoots as good as any rimfire handguns that I have, at least with...
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    Happy Wife!

    Isn’t that, Happy wife, Happy wife.
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    New Ruger .22 Revolver Introduced

    Okay but somehow I feel like Patrick Swayze just shot my trigger finger off.

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