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    Any Corvette owners here ?

    No Vette, but have a couple Dodges.
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    Mini 14 Ranch .222?

    I owned one at one time. I was told it was designed for overseas sales, where people could not own a firearm in a "military caliber".
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    Ruger 44 Carbine Custom, or cusomized?

    I'm going through my Ruger collection and clearing some items out. I purchased this 44 carbine years ago and just put it in the display case. I took it out to sell, noticed the stock had been cracked and repaired. I was going to replace it with another stock I had and found these modifications...
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    1A 7.62x39

    Thanks I had heard that, but not seen any documentation to support it.
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    1A 7.62x39

    As anyone heard how many they made?
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    will 96/22M, 96/17 barrels work on a 10/22 magnum receiver?

    will 96/22M, 96/17 barrels work on a 10/22 magnum receiver?
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    Shooting 17 HMR on a 10/22 Magnum receiver, what do I need?

    I have a 10/22 magnum, single extractor with a Butler Creek 22 mag bbl, and a ruger 17 HMR bbl, I believe I read somewhere that I may need to use a heavier bolt handle to shoot the 17 HMR? I did install a Volquartsen Performance trigger Kit and their extractor.
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    Your thoughts on the 10/22 takedown , from those who know ?

    I bought one here at the Houston NRA show, it is a SS with a threaded bbl with bird cage type flash hider, I added a ruger laser at the front bbl band. It came with fiber optic sights, I use it with my sparrow suppressor. Nice, everything fits in the carry bag, ammo, mags, suppressor.
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    10/22 Magnum bolts: double, single extractor

    I have been researching about the different 10/22 magnum bolts. As I understand it, the early ones had a single extractor, later a model was made that boasted dual extractors, but was really a single extractor with the second piece added more as a stabilizing part. I had read these dual units...
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    PC Carbine parts help

    Thanks, I made one, and it works....
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    PC4 arriving soon...looking for suggestions

    Advice: Here is a link on how to re-assemble your carbine if you take it apart, there are some tricks to it: Also, be very careful not to lose or bend any internal parts, Ruger has stopped support on these rifles, and parts are almost...
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    PC Carbine parts help

    Looking for a hammer strut for a PC Carbine, ruger part number Mfr Part: G01801. Called ruger in Prescott, AZ , they said they did not have any parts for PC's. Gunparts corp only list magazines for the PC-9. Jack First and Midway does not carry them. They list them at Brownells, but on...
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    PC Carbine assembly help

    Thanks for all the help, I was able to piece it all back together, looks like I'm missing a hammer strut, posting a new thread to look for parts, looks like I can make one if all else fails.
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    PC Carbine assembly help

    Thanks for the help.

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