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    Email Scam Attempt

    when in doubt..................delete delete delete
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    KARMA. "By Honor Bound"

    I would like to give it a try.
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    Book Karma: A Third Face (WINNER PICKED)

    if its still open, throw me in. thanks
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    Whatever happened to cowboy boots?

    If you can find a bootmaker in your area they will make a pair of boots to your specs and will last for many years. I have a couple of pair that I have worn for near 25 years and they still look good. Been half soled a few times. They will cost a bunch but if your guy is a real bootmaker...
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    At Any Given Time There are 250 black bears, 65 grizzlies in

    I lived in Alaska for 8 years. When I moved up there, I made a deal with the bears. If they would stay out of the bars, I would stay out of the woods.
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    Who here made belts?

    I ordered a couple of belts from the beltman and have been very pleased with them. I tried to order one from Tallbald and he said he was not going to be making them for a while due to physical problems.
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    Changed the format again?

    Change is a Rosie O'Donnell but we will get used to it. Thanks for all you do
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    Waiting for Spring

    Nice Minnesota afternoon.
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    New Toy

    New hat for the Willys
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    Where is Reuben J Cogburn

    Rueben J just sent me a pm. All is well with him.
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    Colt SAA operation

    yes if the trigger or hammer breaks. if there is no damage to the trigger or hammer, the trigger was pulled.
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    I bought a Savage 101 when I was about 13. The kid I got it from lived a few miles away so he brought it to school and I took it home on the bus. I think I paid 6 bucks for it. The bus driver did ask me to make sure it was not loaded. I sold that one many years ago but picked up one in the...
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    New Toy

    Its not a Ruger but its cool. My new (to me) side by side. It's a 1953 M38A1. Have not driven an Army Jeep for 50 years. Runs and drives great. Got a new hat for the Willys
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    GM recalls 141,000 Bolts . . . battery fires!

    Another win for the coal fired cars................where do they think the electricity comes from

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