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    If Ruger brought the Old Army back

    Would love one with a cylinder long enough to allow a 50 to 60 gr load of fffg under a round ball and wad. That would allow a 40gr load under a 250gr slug. No need for a conversion cylinder
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    New Bearcat Shopkeeper Accuracy Good?

    I plan to adjust the sights once I can find a brand of ammo that will group worth beans. A 2" group at 25 yards would make me perfectly happy, but what I get now is awful. I hope the CCI Mini-Mags South_Ridge suggested will be the ticket.
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    New Bearcat Shopkeeper Accuracy Good?

    Thanks South. I'll see if I can find some of those.
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    New Bearcat Shopkeeper Accuracy Good?

    South, What ammo are you using?
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    Cap & Ball

    I favor...uh, all of them! I have a 5.5" barrel Remmie clone from Cabelas that fits the szme holster as my Super Blackhawk. A buddy of mine has a Starr clone that is a hoot because it is double action, sort of. For practical shooting I like the Old Army and Remmie clones due to the better...
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    New Bearcat Shopkeeper Accuracy Good?

    What can y'all tell me about the new Bearcat Shopkeeper with the bird head grip frame? Jeff Quinn over at had nice things to say about it, but American Rifleman's review included a shooting results table was showing 3" at 7 yards. I own a pair of New Model Bearcats, and they are...
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    Advice appreciated

    Have a look at the Arms & Armor section of I work for Heritage, and we get decent prices for Rugers. You can register for an account and see what prices have come from the auctions. If you want to talk to someone about consigning, send me a PM and I'll connect you.
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    45 acp Ruger Old Army?

    A friend of mine turned up at the range one day with a box on Berry's Perfect Plated Bullets he'd bought to load .45 ACP. He didn't like the way they performed out of his Glock 30 and 1911, so he figured we could try shooting them out of our black powder revolvers. Theses bullets looked like...
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    What is your favorite holster for the SP101 2-1/4"

    That's some nice work Greebee! My preference is the Galco Speedmaster pancake which I think has been discontinued. I also made a couple of pocket holsters that fit inside the "pockets" inside my Wrangler denim jackets. These pockets are the space between the external hand pockets and the outer...
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    SP-101 4.2" .22 Front Sights

    When I have a question like that I always start on or One of them should sell a strip of T-bar that you can cut and file to shape. The beauty of dovetails is they are easy to change with a plastic mallet and a brass drift.
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    Shooting .44 special ammo in 5 1/2" NM Super Blackhawk

    When I first got my SBH I bought a few boxes of specials to get it sighted in before moving to magnums. I got everything dialed in, and was having a grand time. Then I loaded a cylindef full of 240gr magnums, and the nice tight group I hax been getting moved 3" down and 6" left. I finally...
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    Hogue grip for Ruger Super Blackhawk?

    I made the mistake if putting rubber grips on my SBH some years ago. I still have the scar where the skin was stripped from my palm. The design of the single action frame allows the gun to roll up under recoil allowing the force to be dissipated. This has the side benefit of bringing the hammer...
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    Ruger GP100 Match Champ or SP-101 4.2"?

    I've been having tne same discussion with myself. I saw the 4"SP at my LGS, but now the I've read aboug the new GP over on , I'm thinking that might be the way to go. My edc is a 2.5" SP101, so my speedloaders and related stuff favor the SP, but my ex had a Security Six that was a...
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    Good news from Ruger Store

    Always had good service from Ruger.
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    Shoulder Holster

    El Paso Saddlery also has excellent rigs. Their prices are comparable to most other makers, but if you need something special, they will work with you.