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    PC Carbine

    "it's a dirty gun. The blow back action makes a mess, so I strip it down after each range session." Taking care of your firearm is commendable BUT as with many similar comments concerning the MK and 22/45 pistols, there can be such a thing as overdoing the cleaning. Some designs aren't really...
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    EC9S or G3c?

    I carry a G2C which I feel is adequate and trustworthy. If I was closer to a Big R store, I'd own another G2C since it's simply unbeatable at the current $175 after rebate price. Someone please explain the difference between the G2C and G3C. Is it just the grip length since both are listed as...
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    New red dot on 10/22

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    New red dot on 10/22

    In what way(s) is it 'better' than the TRS25 other than the shake awake feature? Serious question since I use the TRS25 as the lower benchmark for dot optic performance. Since this was 2X pricewise, I'm interested in the difference(s).
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    The gunslinger effect

    My comment about 'having my gun in my hand' was wildly exaggerated and misconstrued as meaning I would be waving the gun around like some TV actor. First off, I live in a very rural area where carrying a firearm is quite common. Secondly, I carry crossdraw usually with some sort of cover...
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    Things are heating

    Yup, no question about it. For the purposes I stated, I'd gladly pay $200 for a lightweight suppressor knowing full well the can had a life of 1500-2000 rounds. I finally found my AR 'pistol' lower with the Sylvan folding stock adaptor and have a 10.5" 300 upper mounted. Probably need to do...
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    Things are heating

    I live and work in predominately rural areas--often alone in fairly remote spots. I have no expectations of assistance and must plan for those circumstances. A handgun is not well suited for these scenarios and even short barreled carbine can be difficult to maneuver inside a vehicle especially...
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    Ruger MK II with 5.5" heavy bl

    As far as I'm concerned, the 5.5" heavy profile barrel is the most 'shootable' configuration.
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    The gunslinger effect

    I fully intend to have my gun in my hand if/when I need it. Needing to perform a 'quick draw' means my observation skills failed.
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    Unusual for this area

    "Fawns are scarce this year for some reason. Where I usually have 10 to 15 on my property by this time, I've only seen one. " Do you have a predator control plan? If not, you'd better get started.
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    Is it too soon to start X-ing off the days

    Downside is I'm seeing a lot of 'blank' does lately. Fawns should be old enough to run around with Mom by now. Predation is significant. We're running a single adult guard dog with the goats since they're right next to my house but even with that proximity, the dog seems to be worn to a frazzle...
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    Preference and best place to buy Holosun 407K and 507K

    I have numerous 'dot' sights but no Holosun. As general guidelines/advice for your stated purpose, I'd suggest a fairly large optic with a 4-6MOA dot and 'shake awake' feature. 1: The bigger the optic dimensions, the easier it will be to 'find' the dot as you present the pistol. 2: The bigger...
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    I have one that looks just like that in the lamp table next to my recliner. Guaranteed to work first time, every time.
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    Learning curve

    If I was physically able AND closer to the job site, I could start as a fabricator(welder) at the plant where my younger Son works with a minimal 'skills test' which I can easily pass. Basically wear your steel toe boots and safety glasses to the interview cause they're going to want you to...
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    Lucky me, 300AAC bullets arrived

    I've been building my stock of universal use 300 ammo but ran low on bullets. MIDWAY came through with some 110 tipped varmint 'blems' which appear to be identical to the Hornady V-Max I've been using. The crimp groove on the previous batch was variable in presence and location but this batch...

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