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    Yeah, Texas!

    "Sue" Slow Joe Biden for this! I got a "letter" from him today taking sole credit for the stimulus checks! Mike Holmes
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    Are you a Baby Boomer 1946/64?

    Seem to be a lot of us that got started with 1950? Mike Holmes (8/11/1950)
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    Great Western book

    Once had am old Hawes .44 mag that also "shot loose" , and the cylinder base pin would work loose very easily. Swapped it as soon as I could. Mike
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    Jerry Jeff Walker R.I.P.

    Had mot heard this. Liked his work, sad to hear of his passing. Mike Holmes
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    Ruger MK I Assembly

    I have a OLD Standard model. Some time back, I replaced the barrel, etc. with a stale version that is stamped "Mark II Target", ad have had the original barre/receiver just "laying around". Recently I found a "used" grip section ad bought it hoping to make my old barrel/receiver a "pistol"...
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    paypal question

    I had a bad experience with them years ago - will OT deal with them "voluntarily" again! Mike Holmes
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    Tyler Gunworks 5.5” Ruger 44 magnum

    VERY, VERY NICE! Mike Holmes
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    Surfside Beach, Texas

    I live within a couple of miles of Surfside - in the small town of Oyster Creek. Most of my beach time has been spent surf fishing, which was my main "past-time" for many years. Didn't spend time on Surf Side beach, went back up to near the pass (San Louis), on the other side of the Freeport...
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    Big Bend, Texas

    I'd like to go check it out! Mike
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    Big Bend, Texas

    Many years ago I bought 40 acres of land - cheap - near Study Butte. Interesting area, hardly ANYTHING out there! Quiet, clear night skies - LOTS of stars. Haven't been out there in years, but would like to go back, see if it's changed any? Mike Holmes
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    Custom Walnut grips.

    I also have SEVERAL sets of grips from Lone Star Custom Grips. Zane is a great guy, and does great work for a reasonable price! Mike Holmes
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    sad day

    The "Doc" was a veterinarian. So that makes his patient a ?????????. Mike Holmes
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    How many 1911's to own

    Unfortunately, I only have 3 at the moment - 2 10mm's (an RIA and a Kimber) and a Para Expert .45 ACP. Need another full size .45, although I do have a Sig P220 and an HK USP in .45. Years ago, had a Springfield 1911 I converted to .460 Rowland. John Browning did a great thing when he...
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    Zero Turn Mowers

    Our first zero turn was a Cub Cadet, and we liked it. Replaced it with an EXMark, powered by a Kohler engine. We've had this one 3 years, with virtually no problems. We mow 3 acres with it, does the job fast, with no straining. Beats the heck out of the little Craftsman riding mower (tractor...
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    Coffee mug

    Your post caused me to check my cup. Mine has an all black logo, with only the "R". Newer one, I guess? Mike Holmes

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