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    Ruger-Marlins on Gunbroker

    I wonder if there ain't some folks banking on another Marlin collapse. Thinking these are the last Marlins and will shortly be worth their weight in gold. Most everyone with a slight amount of intelligence should realize Ruger is all in on Marlin and this is the beginning of a long successful run.
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    Removing Sight Roll Pin To Get Sight Off

    Pin probable fit a bit loose or if your not the original owner it might of been walking out. Old trick to a loose or walking pin is to bend slightly before installing. Had a pin in a mauser sight once that took about 15 hours spread out over various attempts to remove it had such a bend. New pin...
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    How rich is "rich"? (financially) MERGED THREADS

    Everyone's idea of rich is different. For me I would say rich is enough money to cover all your financial needs and wants. I am learning as I age anyone can be rich. Once your needs are meet you need to take a hard look at the importance of your wants. A balance must be struck and one must...
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    Tipping/Server Rant

    Wow surprised at all the replies. I know I need to start carrying more small bills. Just remember the days when a server would pull out a wad of bills and make change right at the table and provide the smallest bills possible. Just a little thing in the grand scheme of things as some replies...
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    Tipping/Server Rant

    Time for my old man rant even though I don't think I am old enough. First time thought it was a fluke, but now that it has happened four times all at different places time to be grumpy. I am a rather boring guy. Other than the outdoor pursuits I enjoy getting in the truck with some good tunes...
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    Ghosts Spirits Whatever You Call Them......Real??? Part 2

    Foxtrapper I am only 43. If I am losing it that bad, time to go take a walk in the woods with one cartridge. Mobuck not worked up over what happened more the fact something did happen, that cannot be explained. My personality is such that I don't respond well to things that are explainable. Go...
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    Ghosts Spirits Whatever You Call Them......Real??? Part 2

    NO pets except a 110 pound couch potato of a dog. Won't do the steps to get in the basement. Main floor room above reloading room is unused and sees almost no foot traffic.
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    CPAP users

    Suffering through a sinus infection right now. I just take a break from the cpap, no way to sleep otherwise. Doubt it's from the CPAP first time I have been sick sick since I started CPAP. I use distilled water get to dried out otherwise. I am not a cleaning fanatic but try to keep it fairly...
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    Ghosts Spirits Whatever You Call Them......Real??? Part 2

    Brought this topic up once before. Had an experience tonight that has me nearly shaking as I sip bourbon straight. My dad passed a year ago September. I had not done any reloading since. Have do very little gun related another rabbit hole of a topic we will avoid for now. Anyways Christmas is...
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    Takedown Separate Receiver from Buttstock Issue

    Couple gentle taps from a rubber mallet might be needed the first time any 10/22 is removed from the stock.
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    Coyotes in urban areas

    Yep they have a sweet tooth. Have a couple pear trees in my backyard. About every other year they just drop a ton of fruit. Figure perfect deer bait. Gathered up about ten gallons and dumped them out of the farm I hunted. Put up a trail cam. Well I had up to six yotes at a time on those pears...
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    Coyotes in urban areas

    Just yesterday a yorkie got killed in it's backyard during daylight by a yote. Owner watched as it happened. Yelled, yote walked off with the dog dropped in a short ways later. Dog belonged to local tv station meteorologist and his wife.
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    Ruger PC45 Charger and Carbine coming !!

    Give me a 10mm. If hipoint can make I am sure Ruger can.
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    Coyotes in urban areas

    I live in Milwaukee Wi. Have coyotes in my neighborhood. Not anything I would consider yote habitat for miles. But city has rats in turn stray cats. Also lots of bunnies. So plenty of food usually. But every year we have documented attacks on small dogs. Not uncommon for fluffy to get snatched...
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    Need some help with a strange barrel issue

    Unfortunately on the newer guns we get to experience that level of service a bit too often. I love my Rugers. But of the last 9 I bought 6 of them were returned for repair 3 had to be outright replaced. Glad the OP got taken care, but that barrel should of never made it on a gun.

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