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    Scathing Review/ Sage Int'l

    If it is aluminum just about any tap brand should work ok. Just remember to turn it in and back it out to clean the chips out so it doesn't gall the threads.
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    Karma on Behalf of RoninPA

    Unfortunately my grand kids are more into video games than the shooting sports. Hope someone gets it that will use and enjoy it.
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    Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction

    I enjoy looking at that much more than seeing 20 and 30 year old guys with their caps on backwards
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    My heart is broken....

    so sorry for your loss Mr. Wright
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    Felling axes...

    What kind of axes do the people on timber sports competition use? I have an old tru -temper from 1963 and was never able to get it to cut like those.
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    Portable Refrigerator

    passed away in 1998. I wish I could ask him
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    Portable Refrigerator

    Are those cooler types any good? My brother had one in his semi.
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    Am I being paranoid?

    I had to take 2 of the nitro pills when I got wonky feeling. Oddly enough I either didn't get a head ache,or was hurting too bad otherwise that it wasn't a concern. I take a low dose every day after my bypass along with other assorted pills.
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    I thought it odd that some of the rounds had no muzzle flash. Is that bbl. length optimum for the 22 mag,or a camera issue?
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    Walk behind trimmer for the farm?

    A lot of the big box store lawn tools have Honda engines that are made in china.
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    A Whatzit? for you... Image wouldn't post,but shows to be a sharpening stone.
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    Yesterday was one of "those days"

    One thing about farming is you get good at make-dos trying to keep everthing going.
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    Whatever happened to cowboy boots?

    Ariat that tractor supply and orschelns sell are made in china now.
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    Home DIY bluing a grip frame

    Did you use distilled water?
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    On horseback riding

    I have to say in 60 years I have never been thrown from a horse. Got off early a few times though :)

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