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    My heart is broken....

    May God bless you and keep you
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    Bees are Fish per CA court

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    More dog Pictures

    My small boy dog Jake. He is my shadow and I love him dearly
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    Why the obsession with birdshead grip?

    I bought one in .32 H&R and had it Hartonized with a S&W rear sight and Bisley hammer. Darned accurate, fun, easy to handle. The feel of the grip is just different but I have lots of handguns and they're all different. I love mine!
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    Wrangler Ammo Preference.

    When I get a new gun or barrel every single one is tested with a minimum of 20 different loads. Once narrowed down I know for a fact which one it likes best as well as the next 2 or 3 in case I run out.
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    A couple dog pictures

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    In a thrift store just now

    I've paid it forward at checkout numerous rimes. Don't make a big deal. Just say "I'm gonna get that for you today. Not a big deal... just paying it forward. You just have to do it for someone else." Every time they are shocked, thankful and promise to pay it forward. I dont doubt a single one
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    First Deer Ever via Redhawk .41 magnum

    I'm surprised a .41 mag stopped in the brain! Well done!
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    Anyone else running a scoped revolver?

    Every handgun I use for hunting from .22 to .460 S&W is either scoped or has a red dot. I am 61 years old and can't see Iron sight that well anymore especially all black sights at dawn or dusk. I am not sorry nor do I feel bad about it.
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    First Deer Ever via Redhawk .41 magnum

    Question... did you shoot that deer in the ear?
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    Is the .41 Mag dead?

    I have several. All scoped or red dotted and it is my 2nd favorite hunting cartridge behind the .45 Colt.
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    SR 1911 Commander 9MM

    We look forward to some pics Tom W. :D
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    SR1911 returned

    Hunter I am having the same problem. Multiple shooters, 8-9" groups. Did Ruger send you a shipping label or was that your dime?
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    SR1911 9mm accuracy?

    Yeah...mine's gotta go back!

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