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    SRH TOKLAT reviews

    I'd do the same but would not have the flats on the barrel. That to me is the one thing that makes the Toklat less than desireable.
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    My AR went bye bye

    To each their own... If you like the Mini and it serves you well then that is great and I support you 100%. For me I demand more than a Mini can provide. I don't care to own something that does not have the accuracy or logistics that I need.
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    My AR went bye bye

    Not to diss you guys but I have a real hard time understanding the love affair with Mini14's.... I've tried a couple and the best they would do was around 3+ inches at 100 yards with high quality ammo (that was with a good scope). Every one of my AR's will do under an inch and a couple will...
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    Catastrophic failure S&W M&P Sport AR

    Anyone who trips off another round after a squib (and they are easy to tell what they are...) is someone who to consider some training or a swift kick in the backside.
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    My first lever action!

    Hello, Don't know how many responses you might get on this forum but I would not hesitate to go for a Marlin. The recent posts about quality issues are quite a bit overrated and have a lot of smoke blowing about one persons experience with a particular gun. For SASS barrel weight or length...
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    Marlin 1895 stock question

    I think you might have more luck posting this over on the Marlin Forum. Here is the link:
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    Price check for Flatbolt

    That is one of the more uncommon calibers in a Flat Bolt and add to it the sights of the RS model and you have a nice find. I gave $700 for one last year in about 98% on the wood and metal and did not blink. That will give you something to go on. One thing.... If you intend to use it as a...
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    .460 S&W No. 1 Question

    I'd say you are spot on with both points as that was my assumption as well. My plan is to try some of the slowest powders I can and build up some good loads. They are plenty fast as is but I want to play some. BTW... Both of these are the most accurate No. 1's I have ever seen! The 475...
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    .460 S&W No. 1 Question

    Getting some interesting results in my No. 1's in 475 and 460 with velocity not being as great as expected. I would have thought velocity increases would have been fairly linear and continuing to increase per inch of barrel over a revolver but with current factory loads on hand, I'm finding...
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    Factory No. 1 in .470 Nitro possibility?

    Not sure anyone would want to touch off a 470 or 500 NE in a No. 1! Have you ever tried one in a double rifle? The ideal weight for one of those in order not to have your brains scrambled is north of 10lbs. A No 1 would be a brutal beast for sure.
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    Ruger No1 in 480/475 or 460 S&W

    A little less than a 475 Linebaugh but not enough to make a noticeable difference
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    RSM in Stainless????

    Not aware that this was ever produced. Take a look at this: Thoughts?
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    Ruger No1 in 480/475 or 460 S&W

    I've got the 475 and the 460 and they are both shooters. Could not help myself. Great little rifles with plenty of punch and great accuracy. Also agree there most likely will not be a lot of either made so get em while you can!
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    Ruger #1 .475 Linebaugh vs 45-70?

    I have a No. 1 in 475 Linebaugh as well and it is a Thumper! I'll go with the extra bore size of the 475 as either one is a close range - medium power rifle in my book and for me the Linebaugh is perfect for the tight cover of the Midwest whitetails or hogs that I like to put the hurt to...
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    Making a Mini 14 Straight Pull

    I would love to see you try and explain yourselves to a PA Game Warden. I'll bet that would be one interesting conversation! I have a cabin in PA and have hunted there all my life. I've met more than my fair share of GW's and I'd betcha not a one of them would be real happy to see someone...

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