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    Positive experence with Ruger

    They only documented the the broken extractor screw and sight install. The new grips were not noted. I forgot to mention in the original post that they also touched up the finish as the revolver had a couple of small scratches from normal use. Later, Stephen
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    Positive experence with Ruger

    Just got a GP-100 back from service. The extractor was jamming against the back of the frame. Support said the extractor retaining screw had broken. Whatever was wrong the issue is 100% fixed. Turn around time was just over one week. I sent the revolver in missing the rear sights as I have an...
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    .44 Russian

    I posted in your WTB add. I'm pretty sure I have a spare 44 spl seater/crimper. Not sure if it can be adjusted to deal with 44 russian however. It's a Lee fyi.
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    .41 Mag midrange

    Try Trailboss, that would get you 100% full case. Just be sure not to compress the charge.
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    77/44 or 77/357 triggers??

    I have a 77/357 with a jard trigger. It's light and crisp.
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    Ruger P89

    Wolff still sells the springs. I'm going to order some and play around with it. There is always a little room for improvement. Thanks, Stephen
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    Ruger P89

    Lighter would be fine, what spring would I need to change? Thanks, Stephen
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    Ruger P89

    Hi all, Anyone know of a simple way to improve the trigger pull on a P89DC? Thanks, Stephen
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    New Redhawk .357 8 shot with 4.2 barrel.....

    It usually doesn't take them long. Last one I sent back took 5 days total. Later, Stephen
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    New Redhawk .357 8 shot with 4.2 barrel.....

    I'm buying one, my LGS has one on order. If it's not right Ruger will fix it. Later, Stephen
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    Ruger No 1 - 7.62x54r

    I'd buy one. Later, Stephen
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    A Ruger No.1 that would sell a lot....

    +1, 357 Max Later, Stephen
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    Ruger #1 .404 Jeffery

    Only about 300 made if memory serves. From what I recall Ruger reamed the 404 chamber wrong. If you ever send one in to Ruger you won't get it back. I'd love to have one just because. Later, Stephen
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    Improving Ruger 77/357 Performance

    Or just rent a 357 Max reamer and have at it. If you're already longer than magazine length why not. In fact, I might need to try this. Later, Stephen
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    Need accurate load for 357 GP100

    158g XTP, 14g 2400. Later, Stephen

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