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    Difference between MK1 and MKII.

    Yep- Kinda funny at the OGCA shows, most want the Mark IV because the earlier versions are too hard to take apart. Trying to teach them it's not that hard to do a proper disassembly if you can read and if you have to- YouTube it. Generally falls on deaf ears.
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    Mini 14 Ranch .222?

    What's the going rate on one of the .222 Mini 14's. I have a source for one. Jason I understand if you don't want to post the price on here. PM maybe:)? Thanks
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    Selling and Transferring Guns After Death

    Not sure about using Gunbroker prices on your spreadsheet as your selling price. - An example of what I see at the OGCA show is buyers and sellers say this is what it goes for on GB so mine is worth that also. GB has a huge audience compared to in person transactions. In reality it is not that...
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    Ruger Old Army Gunsmith?

    I think it is kind of neat- somebody spent some time on it. Sure not any worse than seeing a corroded Old Army due to the lack of cleaning.
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    Form 4473

    Kinda surprised no one has looked at: Line 21 E Well what about that.? Every gun buyer is that pure?
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    Ruger Stripped AR-Lower Receivers

    Actually that wasn't a bad deal on the 3 pack of Ruger lowers. Brownells lists them $110 per
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    I HATE tourists!!!!!!

    Going to be one of them " TOURISTS" at the next OGCA show?
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    Stimulus Money Well Spent

    Food, cleaning supplies and what PPE we can get to the local animal shelter. Unfortunately on of the few organizations the wife and I have some faith in.
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    When other businesses are closing doors

    Prices stink right now for dairy farmers- Excess supply , they can't sell it if the finish packing dairy isn't buying. Critters need to be milked daily - The guy on the farm only has so much capacity.
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    Factory Ivory Grips

    I really think you need to provide some pictures of them engraved sixes!
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    hate it but a Walmart .38 Spec deal today

    Good for you- support an outfit that doesn't support you. I am happy you saved some money.
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    SITUATION FIXED—-SHOP RUGER IS A JOKE!!!!Who to contact?????

    WOW I'm not allowed to type what I really think.
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    New Ruger .22 Revolver Introduced

    Normal / common Single Six market- Gone Gun show guys- Thoughts ?
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    New Ruger .22 Revolver Introduced

    Chet hit it: What the ............. Ruger please don’t go Walmart on us!
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    So what's it worth?

    I'm sure a lot by your description. Seriously most people over rate their guns because of a personal attachment. Example- NEW IN BOX only fired 6 rounds

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