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    France: Man fired for not being 'fun' at work after refusing to embrace on-the-job 'excessive alcoholism' and 'promiscuity'

    On a similar note, job applications at his firm, Cubik Partners, has gone up 500%.
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    looking for sp 101 single action hammer

    Highly probable. Let me know when you are ready.
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    looking for sp 101 single action hammer

    I have a new spurred hammer in my kit of replacement parts. If your DAO is factory original, I might be interested in some sort of trade. Do you have pictures?
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    Redhawk .45 ACP/LC availability

    I was going to pick up the combination version when they first came out, but they use a proprietary size moon clip, not the standard one that fits the S&W 625 and M1917. That was a no go for me.
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    Things not made anymore that you miss

    Things not made anymore that you miss... The hair on my head. Roosevelt Democrats. Pay phones. Typewriters. Carburetors. Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II.
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    .380 For self defense?

    The best handgun in the world is the one you have with you. The one at home is useless. Most 380's are straight blowback and have more felt recoil than a locked breech 9mm. Regardless of the handgun you choose, use it too take a defensive handgun course of fire. Most folks think they are...
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    A thought about electric autos and racing

    They'll need to increase the number of fire extinguishers that they keep in the pits.
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    John Wayne, "The Searchers," racist?

    Every film or show made in the 20th Century is now considered racist.
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    SP101 Balance

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    I know that they won't sell just the hammer, but they might still do the conversion. I'm not sure what services they perform nowadays.

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