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    Cowboy Guns

    That was a nice collection of guns. Love that little 32 derringer :)
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    Vaquero Value

    My wife might shoot me with the other, but I would have a real hard time passing up one at that price :D
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    Vaquero Value

    The Vaquero Birdshead was a dealer exclusive (Davidsons maybe?). Not sure if Ruger ever made it a normal cataloged item, although I seem to remember a later release as a convertible (45 colt/45 acp). The barrel length is designated as 3.75 inches. The blued guns had CCH frame. I've seen more...
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    Your Alter Ego?

    In deed, I often romanticize that I was born in the wrong time and that I would have been well suited drifting form town to town on the back of a horse. Then I look at my family history and realize that I would probably have been a poor dirt farmer on the Nebraska plains or a ranch hand in...
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    Your Alter Ego?

    That's ok, when I watch TV I want to be entertained. If I want reality I'll step out the door into it :lol: Even the reality shows on TV aren't reality. I went through Deadwood a few years back on a bike trip. Spent the night there and checked out the town some what. Way too much of the...
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    speed loaders for single actions...

    Yes, I have several of their inline strips for 22lr, 44 (mag or special), and 32 (32 mag, 327 mag). I use them for both my single actions and double actions. Their a little tight for the single actions but still better than lose rounds in you pocket. Probably a draw between them and cartridge...
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    Your Alter Ego?

    TV show called Firelfly I have the Deadwood series, crude but good series :D
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    +1, about the only good part about smoking was all the paraphernalia :D All the cool ashtrays, cig boxes, lighters and so on. Nice Bisley and cool ashtray
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    Your Alter Ego?

    Good choice :D Too bad that show only ran one season.
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    Your Alter Ego?

    Of course in reality I'd probably be more like . . . . . :D
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    My new Gary Reeder Ultimate 44

    Nice looking 44!
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    Your Alter Ego?

    I can relate to CMH's alter ego :D
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    Pawl function

    Hondo44 has your options
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    I should have left her alone...

    I have no idea what you are talking about :D