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    God Bless America Happy Independence Day

    Ricky and Dave.
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    Motorcyclist crashes and dies, bike missing.

    There was a time when if you came across a disabled vehicle off road you’d make sure to he occupants were okay. If no one was there you’d use your radio to try and make sure they got out safely. Today if you leave a disabled vehicle off road you’ll be lucky to find, at most, the frame when you...
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    Learning curve

    CG, another 49’er. Who knew.
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    God Bless America Happy Independence Day

    I wonder how January 6th will be recorded once our nation is back in the hands of the People. Like those in Boston so long ago, will they be lauded as heroes. Heroes who were cast as traitors until the King’s men were defeated and our independence was won. I hope to live long enough to see...
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    Learning curve

    Well now, I think there is a potential law suit here. I bet no one offers a degree in "Men's Studies". Or for that matter if a company hires someone with a degree in women's studies they should have to hire someone with a degree in men's studies.
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    Learning curve

    Good heavens. I thought everyone pretty much had learned, by now, that Maslow was a crank. I put him right there with the Maharishi Yogi.
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    Learning curve

    There are a lot of good things to be certified in as you will always be employed. Stationary engineer (boiler operator) is one. Out here if you have a Los Angeles City license (it's accepted in many other places) and aren't a complete a%%, you'll never be out of work.
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    Ruger 45acp PC Carbine!!!

    Ruger owns Marlin. With today’s CNC machines it wouldn’t be hard to reproduce the Camp Carbines. It won’t happen for one reason. The potential sales aren’t there. Heck look at the first model they turned out. Not a traditional levergun but something quite like a movie prop. Why? Because that’s...
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    Photo Thread

    So has this one. It has more air miles in the unfriendly skies than I like to think about.
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    Be careful with those fireworks kiddies LOL

    Idiots with chemicals. And he probably has bred.
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    Learning curve

    Way back in the dark ages, in junior high, they had a class called General Business. You leaned about handling a checking account, savings account and the stocks/bonds markets. And generally how to conduct the business of being a financially responsible adult. No credit cards though. But...
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    I know I'm late to the party,

    I actualy thought that scene was pretty silly. Adults their age acting like frightened teenagers. For Pete's sake kids the daughters age know what's going on.
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    Unusual for this area

    Ocassional reoccurences of recessive genes help keep the species diverse. You'd think F&W folks would know that now that everyone has a degree in some sort of ecology.
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    Custom Knives

    Obviously there aye mass produced knives with the quality ranging from excellent to abominable. Then there are what I call semi custom. Think Randall. Finally we come to true one of custom knives made entirely by the hand of a single person. True custom knives are usually expensive and rarely...
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    Learning curve

    Mass production welding is now mostly done by computerized machines. By most welding isn’t done in a manner a machine can be set up for. Or, the setup time and costs would far exceed what a good human can do.

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