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    [/url]ircassian Walnut stocks actually fit the 1995 Ruger hand engraved. The second and third guns from the bottom are factory hand engraved with Circassian stocks, 20 guage is (B) 1/3 coverage and 28 guage (A) dit-dot 1995 vintage. It may be the light, but the bottom gun appears to be...
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    Duck less collection of Red Labels

    This is my duckless collection of Red Labels. Both of my hand engraved Rugers were done by John Adams Jr. I read a foot note on page 31 of American Engravers - The 21st Century referring to "American Master Engravers Inc." Can any of you collectors add details? Who was part of the group? When...
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    The latest Red Eagle News Exchange . . .

    Has The Red Eagle news Exchange been Digitized? Sure would like opportunity to purchase. John Cantrell 607-481-3930 Current interest in Engraved Red Labels thanks..
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    Neat #1 in 375 H&H

    A really nice stick of wood is the best reason to buy. I guess this one kicks like two mules. A beautiful rifle.
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    Mighty Moe has sniffed his last Ruger....

    Losing a dog is hard, losing a good dog is harder still. Rest easy, Moe will always be in your heart so sniff away for those Ruger(s).
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    28GA Box

    I recently bought a 28 ga RL 420-04975. No Box no papers no extra chokes. If you box is a match, You should give me a call 607-480865
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    375H&H Magnum Value

    I just purchased a perfect one with scope and loading dies and 2 box ammo and 1 box brass for 1850.00 It should be shipped next week.
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    Ruger #1 and #3 Folks - Show Us Your Junk

    You folks have a very refined idea of junk. NOW to wipe the drool off my key board.
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    Ruger Red Label - 20 ga stock set - ( Circassian Walnut ) - Rare hard to find set, will fit - old blued models only. - Ruger -NOS Anybody know the difference between old blued models and a 2005 stainless/engraved model?
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    Red Label 28 gage

    It seems the 28 gauges are the most pricey and the 20 gauge a close second. 12 gauge seem to be the best value. All the old guys selling them to all the young guys I guess.
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    Firearms inventory management software

    I purchased a multiple year license to BlueBookGuns and have used that since. Before that I used MS Excel It allows you attach photos, It will also assign their values based on your grading. Custom grades and values must upgraded by you manually. I figured I would use it since I decieded to...
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    I need some Winchester 9422 information
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    Ruger Walnut gun stocks

    I have experience with three rifles and a shotgun. After looking at other members guns I have a question. All the factory stocks I've seen have a reddish hue. Does anyone know who supply's Ruger with walnut stock blanks. Is it possible the reddish is a stain/finish?
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    Factory Engraved New Model Single Six

    So, to start: S5100,A1451&A1584
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    Factory Engraved New Model Single Six

    I bought this one in 2009 it was one of my first cased revolvers It is marked A1451