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    Different for sure

    I'm grateful to anybody involved in restoring the Ruger Forum . It's a little different, it's back & it's even better . I appreciate efforts that accomplished this. Thank you , J.Bowers
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    SP xenoy inserts price question.

    I would like to buy a pair of the OD green inserts for the SP 101. Anybody got any idea where a pair might be found ? Thanks , JB
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    50th year 10-22 prices ?

    Thanks to all . My local guy has one for $329. I don't guess he's too far off . Thanks for the fedback. JB
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    50th year 10-22 prices ?

    Apparantly ,I didn't make myself clear . I'm not interested in the composite stocked rifle that won the contest . I have found a walnut international stocked , stainless 10-22 with the anniversary script on the receiver and the bolt & I'm wondering if dealers are hiking their prices a bit . I...
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    50th year 10-22 prices ?

    What are the stainless international aniversary rifles selling for ? Anybody seen one yet ?
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    Ruger medallions

    Thank you very much . I will use the counterbore bit.
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    Ruger medallions

    what type drill bit is best for installing medallions in grips without them ?

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