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    Boy's $20 tribute to fallen dad blossoms into millions

    With all the gloom and doom we read about daily, I thought this was a great story. This is a great young man who I think will go far.
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    Ruger Blackhawk 357/9mm Convertible

    I agree with you Chief, bought some crab legs and lobster for Christmas dinner.(Wife's favorite food) The rosewood grips had already caught my eye and I think they will be a great replacement for the stock grip. Has anyone ever bought from Altamont Company...
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    Ruger Blackhawk 357/9mm Convertible

    I must say this is the best Christmas present I have had in a while. The wife got a new couch and i got this :P : Cant wait to get out and break it in. My only issue is the grips. Any advice on a aftermarket grip for this would be appreciated. Would like to have a larger grip as my hands...
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    Added another Ruger P90

    Got a P90 myself and gets a bit heavy with a IWB. Been thinking about a shoulder harness. What shoulder rig did you get if I may ask?
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    Look what followed me home

    Nothing like that ever follows me home. Looks nice.
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    P90 Shooting well but low......

    Good comment here. People flinch or even close their eyes in anticipation of the recoil. Take the time to pay attention to your actions. Control breathing, keep a strong wrist and pull the trigger as you have exhaled. Dont worry about the target until you control your actions before the shot...
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    Concealed Carry Guns

    I fully agree with you my friend. I have never open carried nor will I ever unless I am in the woods hunting. IMO when you CC, NOBODY should know you are armed unless a situation arises where you have to take care of business. The only person beside the state that know I CC is my wife and she...
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    Early birthday present

    I would be proud to have either. I myself would lean more toward the Beretta mainly because I have no experience with the CZ 75 P-01. I have an Beretta 84FS cheetah and just love this little 380. I have never had a ftf,fte and I have put many factory reloads through it. In my near future I would...
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    How do you carry your pistol?

    Carry loaded and chambered. IMHO there could be a situation where you don't have to time to chamber a round or the noise could be detrimental to the situation. Know your weapon and keep it in excellent operating condition and I see no problems CC this way. As with most responsible owners, the...
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    Concealed Carry Guns

    I agree and carry anywhere I can legally. Even at home when I am not doing anything, I am packing. You never know when the need will arise and you must always be prepared. You are not allowed any mistakes in these situation. Boy Scout training 101: "Always be prepared"