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    I went a little different route. Found a lightly used BPS for $425. Very smooth action. Nice wood and bluing.
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    New LCPII 22 fail

    Got the LCPII back from Ruger a couple days ago Havent had time to put many rounds through it yet, only about 60. First 30 had a lot of hiccups, but the last 30 were Federal Auto Match and they ran 100% At least it fires now! :)
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    Sausage strips (looks like bacon)

    Cholesterol won't kill you, we've been lied to for years. Sugar and processed foods are what's making everyone obese. Obesity is FAR more dangerous than your high LDL levels. Search for Dr. Ken Berry on Youtube.
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    My brand new Ruger Bisley Blackhawk stainless in .45 Colt

    Congrats Fanner50! Those are great revolvers. Rare find in today's flood of plastic & AR's
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    New LCPII 22 fail

    Yes, I made sure that was off. Thank you for trying to help. The trigger moves fully to the rear no matter what position the safety is in. With the magazine removed it stops about halfway back. Not sure if that is normal. First time for me buying a new Ruger that didn't work great right out of...
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    New LCPII 22 fail

    Thanks Contender, I'll give them a call Monday.
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    New LCPII 22 fail

    Been looking at pocket sized 22's for quite awhile now and found a good deal on a new LCPII in 22rf. Got it home and lubed it up. Took it out back (I'm in the country here in Iowa) and tried to fire it. No go. Hammer won't fall. I know it has a mag safety, but I had a full magazine installed...
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    Stripping an older XRN-3RED aluminum grip frame

    LOL! I'm using one of those small stainless magnetic parts trays for working on your car/truck. Don't want to get crossways with the Mrs! :) Thanks for all the helpful tips.
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    Stripping an older XRN-3RED aluminum grip frame

    Thank you Bob, that's exactly the info I was looking for.
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    Stripping an older XRN-3RED aluminum grip frame

    Hi all, did a search and gathered the easiest way was old time oven cleaner (with lye). All I have is the newer "safe" stuff. Doesn't seem to be doing much. Would Simple Green work? or would it be too harsh for the aluminum? Also wondered about the hydrogen peroxide/white vinegar mix? Thanks...
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    Cylinder throats

    I emailed Dave Manson awhile back to ask that question and he said their reamers cut .3135-.3140
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    .45 Colt - What diameter should I start with?

    .452 is most common. Try to measure the exit holes on your cylinder and go with that or .001 bigger. :D
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    45 ACP double action

    That's what I love about this forum, lots of good solid opinions and information! I will probably own one someday, just a little shocked at the used prices. :shock: Timber Wolf, I agree, same situation with 40/10mm. Those 610's are bringing premium prices!
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    45 ACP double action

    The S&W 625 is so popular that they are often hard to get and hold their price quite well on the used gun market. My question is, do manufacturers do market studies to see what will sell? I'm thinking Ruger, or Colt for that matter, is missing a BIG piece of the pie not making a DA 45acp...
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    RUger mini 30 bullet diameter

    Hi. Ruger changed their Mini 30 barrels from .308 to .310 around July of 1990. This was per phone call to Ruger. :D

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