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    RARE M77 MKII Value

    I agree with rugerjunkie…. However, a light rifle in 7/08 is desirable without the collector value
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    Opinions wanted on value of RARE M77 Ultralight

    You seem set on believing it is $2k and just want confirmation If you look hard enough it is possible to find the perfect buyer! I love odd or unusual guns and find it is very difficult to put a value on something that is rarely offered for sale
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    Stainless Steel: Rollmarks Turning Black?

    Gunbrite and a toothbrush
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    More dog Pictures

    My puppy is a real jerk. But kinda cute
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    Ruger Super Redhawk .454 value?

    Money well spent
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    Ruger Super Redhawk .454 value?

    I have owned several. I found the 9.5” barrel to be too much Anyway, if you end up buying it I have a bunch of reloads I would sell as components,
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    I have a Woodside that is LNIB. Fired very little if any I also have the box and the goodies that came with the shotgun when new. I am looking for the value of this as I am considering selling it but I’m having a hard time finding a record of any of these being sold recently. Any help would...
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    M77/22 scope

    I need advice for a quality scope on my rifle. It was suggested to me that a bushnell a17 scope is a good value I purchased a scope and mounted it on my medium height rings and found I could not open the bold enough to cycle the bolt. I then bought a set of high scope rings which now I have...
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    Rare? Unusual? Common? M77 MKII

    204 came out in 2004. Thought red pads stopped in 1996ish? If those dates are not correct what are the correct years?
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    Rare? Unusual? Common? M77 MKII

    Pretty sure the red pad was long gone when the 204 came to be At the beginning the 204 owners were very vocal about the greatness Don’t hear it much anymore, maybe they finally convinced each other
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    Question on value

    I actually have dies to shoot and reload the rifle as is....