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    Inert 22 round

    Yes Great Great Grandfathers rifle. Funny thing when I saw that gun again a flood of memories came back to me. One of which was being taught gun safety and how to shoot. Another memory was of my father putting pennies nickels and dimes in the bark of a tree and shooting them with that same gun...
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    Inert 22 round

    Got the jam fixed. Remington model 34. Got the gun from my Grandfather many years ago passed it to my Grandson. Put some Kroil down the barrel and every where else last Friday. Worked on the gun today the Kroil loosened up everything and the bullet came out easy. Gave the rifle a well deserved...
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    Inert 22 round

    Rest of the story: My grandson brought the gun to me with a live round stuck 7/8 of the way into the chamber. It is still live, I measured. The lifter is stuck behind the round. I would like to deactivate the round before I try to fix the jam. Thanks Jeff
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    Inert 22 round

    What is the safest way to turn a "live" .22 round into a dud, dead, unable to fire round? Thank you Jeff
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    Redhawk grip help

    For me the Uncle Mikes is the only way to go. Tried Pachmayrs regular and gripper, Hogues, and Tyler Ts. Mikes won out...for me. Jeff
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    What's the best way to put the bolt back in 1022

    1+ for the bolt bar tool. Used it many times, make life easier Jeff
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    Best grip for a Redhawk .45

    I tried 5 different aftermarket Redhawk grips. Uncle Mike's are ones I use.
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    Skeeter's brand......

    I keep very, very few magazines once I have read them. The majority of the one's I have kept are Shooting Times with all of the stories mentioned above. Skeeter was truly a great writer putting you right their with him no matter what the situation was. Jeff
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    I haven't done a Karma in a While. Winners are at the bottom

    Please add my name, thank you Gutshot
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    Any one know where these Maximums are?

    Do not know if this helps any, I saw #0475 advertised NIB with shipper box at a gun show in Salt Lake City on 2-23 sorry no other details. Jeff
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    Ale-8(1) WINS! Ugly OM grip KARMA

    I'm in Thank you Jeff
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    Buck with the Gallagher

    I totally agree ANY deer take with a handgun is a trophy. It is some of the most rewarding hunting there is. Jeff
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    New - Ruger #5058 -- Full Lug 4" Redhawk, 44 Mag

    Had Bowen build a GP44 for me it is the best of both Redhawk worlds Super RH frame milled off extension original RH barrel threaded in place. See pictures that Onty posted. Mine has a 4-3/4" barrel, you can choose your length. Recoil is way less than my on my 5.5" original RH that has been...
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    Strange Downey Commercial

    Yep my exact thoughts Jeff
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    Wyoming antelope hunt question.

    I apply to hunt Deer and Antelope in Wyoming every year. Between the 2 I draw 1 of them every 3 years or so. I apply in high public ground areas, easy to do in Wyoming. Find an area with lots of public ground and when you get a tag you will have a great hunt and more than likely bring home some...

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