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    Among Nita's things........

    The oldest thing I own is a Mastadon tusk that my mother picked up along the Chena River in Alaska. It is probably 10,000 years old. This was in 1946.
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    Oh, that USPS.....

    Same problem in California. They lost a deposit check I sent for a duck hunting trip to Mississippi and the Check for my DMV registration was lost and yes had to pay a late fee. Grrrrr f…en government.
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    I am 72 y o today.

    Good thoughts to keep in mind. Happy Birthday 🎈🎂🎁
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    Sitting in the backyard w/ my 99 year old pop and he's talking about WWII, ooh and we're having a beer

    Your post reminds me of my Dad. He was in North Africa near Casa Blanca. I would give anything to sit and have a beer with my Dad.
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    Canadian Feral Hogs

    Great! More illegal immigrants.!!!!
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    Midway's good service.

    I remember when Midway first went into business and they didn’t charge for shipping. Those were the days. Still a great company.
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    Ivory Grip Repair

    Thanks Flyingtiger.
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    Ivory Grip Repair

    I have a question about ivory grips. I have a set on one of my Colt SSA. Is it legal to sell ivory grips. I bought the grips from Nutmeg many years ago. What’s up with ivory grips?
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    Any reason 223, 55 grain would cause jamming in AR 15's?

    Chauchat???? Are you referring to the WW1 French machine gun?
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    Bob Wright on slang.........

    Great Wyandot Jim. Thanks for the info. Makes me hungry. Glad the new breed of service men can enjoy this classic American fare.
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    Bob Wright on slang.........

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    Bob Wright on slang.........

    I wonder if SOS is still served on military bases? I bet it is not, due to health concerns. Any active duty members out there can let us know.
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    Bob Wright on slang.........

    The best Creamed Chipped Beef on toast aka SOS that I ever ate was at the NCO club at Fort Ord, California . I still think about it.
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    Best Western Movie

    I forgot to add the original 3:10 To Yuma. Looking forward to seeing Corsicana the movie about Bass Reeves. Looks Good.

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