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    22 ammo price rant

    I guess I have to believe someone with a lot of stroke has limited shipments of 22LR, 223, 7.62X39, ETC along with primers and gun powder so when I see something I want and it's at price that isn't gouging I buy it. Manufacturing businesses are in business to make money and so they will bust...
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    Value Mark II Targer pistol.

    There have been a couple of really nice blued 5 inch bull barrel ones on GB that in the past weeks have sold for around $325. I know because I gave my son my 5 inch stainless one I had and I've been watching them thinking of buying another. I really like the Mark II and the one I gave my son...
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    22 ammo price rant

    I stocked up long before the current shortage but I will still buy if I see it at a price I'm willing to pay. I found two bricks of 550 Federal bulk packs yesterday for $37 a brick and for around 7 cents a round it's still worth it.
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    What's the highest ripoff price you've seen for 22 ammo?

    I have seen some local shops here that were selling 550 round bricks of Federal 22LR for $65 and I passed but yesterday I picked up two at a local gun store for $36 each which is high but not gouging prices so I paid it. Around here you see very little in the way of 22LR ammo and no gun powder...
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    A few nice 10/22 stocks

    Those are drop dead beautiful stocks on the 10/22's.
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    Ruger shipping my 10/22 mag order

    I bought my 10/22 in late February and I ordered (5) 25 round factory magazines and they showed up today. Art
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    Ruger Mini 14 gone tactical

    The stock is a Ruger® Mini-14®/Mini-Thirty® Non-Adjustable Side Folding Strikeforce Stock with Scorpion Recoil System
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    Ruger Mini 14 gone tactical

    They will be going after it no matter what color it is and as a Vietnam Veteran I'm upset with the fact there are trying to rewrite the consistution to disarm american citizens.
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    Ruger Mini 14 gone tactical

    I got rid of the wood stock on my Mini 14 and went with a tactical stock.
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    New Ruger 10/22

    I was a Wally world tonight to pick up Brenda when she got off of work and I saw they had a stainless 10/22 in stock and with her discount it was $248 out the door so I bought it. It came with one magazine and I think they are either a 9 or 10 round magazine. I went up to their home page and...
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    Ruger Mini 14 223 made in 2001 stock question

    I have this rifle in the discussion title and I want to change out the wood stock for an AR style tactical stock. I would like people who have done this for their stock make & model and whether they like it or not and if they had any problems in installing it. Also how much do they like it after...
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    Price Check Mini 14 Mag

    Pretty much any magazine for a rifle or pistol that holds more then 10 rounds is very pricy right now whether in NY or anywhere else. The people that have them and actually want to sell them are asking a ton for a magazine that may have sold for $20 before this happened. Most websites of...
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    Trading firearms with a guy out of state...need advice.

    Well in Arkansas if you trade with somone in another state it is treated as a sale and both guns need to go through an FFL in each state and be registered. The problem is some states have restrictions on certain guns and you need to make sure the guns are legal in both the states they are going...
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    What's the most efficient rifle action? Your favorite?

    To me the bolt action is a better action for hunting and they are generally the most accurate. I say this because my bolt action rifles are more accurate than the two semi auto's I owned and they were Remington 742's. I also owned two lever action rifles that were savage Model 99's and the 300...
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    Ruger 25-06 Target.

    The 25-06 is an awesome flat shooting round that easily takes Deer including Mule Deer with ease.

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