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    Ruger Single Six SSR .32 H&R Mag

    Thanks for the replies. I will have to get to casting sometime today.
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    Ruger Single Six SSR .32 H&R Mag

    I have a Ruger Single Six SSR .32 H&R Mag. coming in a week or so. Can anyone tell me what the barrels on these revolver usually mic out at. .309, .310, .312, or something else. I have the RCBS 2-Cavity Bullet Mold 32-098-SWC 32 Caliber that casts at .314 Diameter. Would like to cast and...
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    Flattop 44 special hard to unload

    If it has a reverse indexing pawl something is wrong and needs to be fixed. All the New Vaquero have a reverse indexing pawl. Just back the cylinder up until it stops and eject. I don’t think any of the other Ruger single actions have that feature although they in my opinion should have it...
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    Mini 14 cleaning rod guide

    Thanks for the effort but on the right side of the Sinclair ad it says it is no longer available. I did order the one to fit the 580 series of Mini 14's in the hope that it will fit or that I can modify it to fit.
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    Fed up with Mixed Brass

    If I am going to load wadcutters I will sort the brass into wadcutter brass and other brass and use the other stuff for keith type bullets or roundnose bullets. The wadcutter brass can be recognized by the double knurling on the case. It has thinner case walls down to where the base of the...
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    Mini 14 cleaning rod guide

    I have looked at the Dewey guide but it is for a series 580 Mini 14. My Mini 14 is a 188 series and the muzzle has a short .510 section and a longer .550 section before the front sight. Since Dewey specifically mentions the 580 series it probably has a different diameter muzzle diameter than a...
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    Mini 14 cleaning rod guide

    I have over 1800 loaded .223 rounds that were loaded in 1987 or 1988 for another rifle back when I was shooting P dogs. I just purchased a Mini 14 and I have to run them through a full length die to size the case body down to get them into the Mini 14. Then I have been seating the bullets a...
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    Ruger 77-22 in 22 Hornet twist rate

    Recently purchased a Ruger 77-22 in 22 Hornet and used the cleaning rod to check the twist rate. It come out at very close to 1 in 14 inches. Do all the 77-22 Hornets have a 1 in 14 twist rate and if not is there a cut off serial number range. Mine is 77-066xx. Thanks