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    Contender question

    The prices TC accessories sell for is a stunner.
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    More dog Pictures

    Airedale Gus is a "Tactical Terrier" and "backseat driver"
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    The decline of our infrastructure

    I have seen some scary bridges from underneath that are carrying heavy loads daily. "Rust never sleeps and concrete doesnt last forever" I have seen 8" orbit valves that the paint was thicker than the washed out iron body of the valve. I have seen old power lines sag or melt from overload. This...
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    Musician's name?

    My band opened a show for John Hartford in Tulsa in 1983. My wife Julie and I hung out with him backstage talking guitars, crazy Smothers brothers behind the scene off set stuff. Tgey were screwing with the CBS censors every day, sweet guy. Hell of a player
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    Medicare supplements

    Currently I pay $165/mo for a Mutual of Omaha plan G. I have had them for 4 yrs and price has gone from $125/mo to $165 and they will probably increase in July. However, since I have had it I have had a C4C5 Mobic disc implant, left shoulder complete rebuild, knees injected, 12 days in Covid...
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    NRA BOD Elections

    Say good riddance to Wayne, get some good people on the board. Until then, I am not participating. Life member not happy with greedy people
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    Local tragedy

    Friend of mine was trying to get a bull loaded into his trailer and ended up getting clobbered by the bull, one of his ranch hands punched the bull in the nose and slapped it's face with his cowboy hat and got the bull off of him. He was in the hospital for several days, and last year another...
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    May 8, 1945

    Dad was the radio man for the Military Governor's group of the 9th Armored Division in the spring of 1945. He was at the Remagen Bridge and saw a bunch of action. They ran into Nazi youth shooting 88mm cannons with old SS guys teaching them how. Watched aerial dogfights over the Rhine River
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    My girlfriend ran over my foot

    Today my foot and ankle are really ugly. huge pressure blisters, purple all over, missing hide on my achilles looks terrible and my skin nerves in art of my ankle woke up today, AAAAARRRRRGH
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    My girlfriend ran over my foot

    The damage I can see means I pretty much ruined all fishing, camping, fun things this summer as my right knee is sketchy and tryin to use crutches is hard and rehab on a messed up foot and ankle is always painfully slow
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    My girlfriend ran over my foot

    Not on purpose. We were moving vehicles around in our driveway, her wheels were cranked hard right when she parked her car behind my pickup. I was standing next to the front wheel and when she put it in gear, it ran over my left foot. Big time owch, she's in tears, I'm flopping around on the...
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    Kentucky Ballistics: My 50 Cal Exploded

    should be a required view for anyone who reloads, plays with surplus firearms and ammo or is paying to shoot a big gun at a "range day". I have seen a few grenades, Winchester Model 50 with a bulged barrel and cracked bolt from overcharged reloads, shooting handgun silhouette matches, Ruger...
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    Banned from Facebook, again

    "Your Facebook suspension has been extended as part of our preparations for the presidential inauguration" it was damn handy for Band promotions and grandkid pictures, but premptive censorship because I used the word "Tranny" instead of "Transgender" in a reference about Michelle Obama on top...
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    Farming progress for those who are interested

    A good friend of mine has 400 acres in winter wheat in North Central Oklahoma. Her price per bushel was negotiated already and last year she had some 60 bushel/acre yields on most of it, so if thunderstorms, hail, greenbugs and grasshoppers don't ruin it for her, she should do ok again this year...
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    14 Pictures of White Sands National Park NM

    One beautiful evening, I rode my Harley from Las Cruces to Alamagordo right at sunset and the White sands were purple and pink and orange with almost a mirror image of the sunset in pastel colors and shadows from the mountains. Very beautiful ride coming through the pass. I did a big job for...

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