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    Just stumbled into a deal on a GP100 Match Champion

    If I do, it will be Crimson Trace laser grips like on my 3" GP.
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    Just stumbled into a deal on a GP100 Match Champion

    Just picked up a 2 year old GP100 Match Champion Model 1754 for $500. It does not look like it has been shot much and there is barely a turn ring on the cylinder. My only question now is whether to put laser sights on it for better evening concealed carry.
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    Mini 30 for SR 1911?

    Thanks for the input guys. I had a feeling this was a mistake...
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    Mini 30 for SR 1911?

    I currently have a full size SR 1911 and a SR 1911 Lightweight Commander. I have wanted a Mini 30 to go with my Mini 14 for quite a while. I have the opportunity to trade my full size SR 1911 for a Mini 30 made in the first year of production, 1987, according to the serial number. I have heard...
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    Walmart Is Requiring Driver's License Info On All Ammo Buyer

    OK. You may or may not think this a big deal, but I am very angry at Walmart right now, and until they change their new, one month old corporate policy, they will not be receiving the $500 plus dollars per month. I just went to the Rexburg Walmart to buy some batteries. While I was in there, I...
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    For my Scout Rifle: Nikon Monarch 3 or Burris Fullfield II ?

    The reason I mentioned those two specific scopes is because I found them on sale...the Burris was $125 cheaper than Midway and Cabellas,and the Nikon was $100 less. I have had the scout rifle for a while, but I have not scoped it yet because I was caught in a dilemma: keep the ghost ring back...
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    For my Scout Rifle: Nikon Monarch 3 or Burris Fullfield II ?

    I am looking for a scope under $500 for my scout rifle. $500 is the max I can spend. One LGS has a Burris Fullfield II 4.5 x 14 42mm for $230. Another has a Nikon Monarch 3 2.5x10 42mm for $299. I have an older Burris 3x9 on my Mark II Model 77 30-06 and it has been a good scope. Would you...
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    MSRP for a P89 ?

    I just bought a used P89 made in 2001. It is all blue and in very good shape. I paid $225--I know that was a deal, but $400 is way too much. DLH
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    Taller front sight for a Redhawk?

    Bob Forkin from White Sulfur Springs, MT worked on my Redhawk years ago. Smoothed the trigger and added a taller front sight.
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    $225 for a P89

    I just scored a P89 on Gunbroker with 2 mags and a Hogue rubber sleeve grip in a case. It looks to be in good shape, but I am waiting to get my hands on it. I didn't think $225 was too bad...actually I was shocked I won it. Good price you think? What should I know about the P89. I already have...
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    Bought .22 ammo at Wal-Mart lately?

    Years ago I worked at a store chain called "Yellow Front". Back then, and I think it is the same now, Federal law required an ammo purchaser to be at least 18 years old for rifle ammo, and 21 for handgun ammo.We were required to card if the person looked under 18 and ask if ammo which could be...
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    LCR pocket carry

    I do as you do and am completely satisfied with Rob's Simply Rugged pocket protector. If I carry in a holster, it is in a Simply Rugged Silver Dollar pancake holster with in and out straps. Rob does good work. DLH
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    LCR 38 or 357

    Let me start with the caviat that I am no expert on ballistics, but... I chose the .38 Special based on the idea that I didn't think the short barrel of the .357 LCR would allow the .357 round to be used to its potential. It would take a longer barrel for the .357 round to reach its top...
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    SR 1911 on Layaway

    I just found the last SR1911 at a local Farm and Ranch store and put it on layaway. $649.99 plus tax. Now to save my pennies. DLH
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    Any competent 'smiths in Southern Idaho?

    I had Ben Forkin of White Sulfer Springs, MT do some work for me. I don't know about anyone else around here.

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