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    New Model Blackhawk Bisley

    send it to me!? I like Bisley's!
  2. Diabloman

    Flattop 44 Special

    Dadgummit....I had one and sold it. It is a sweet shooter! Have Fun!
  3. Diabloman

    Ruger Mod 1754 Match Champion

    Novak's have helped me out also. Good Shoot'n....!
  4. Diabloman

    A .41 Redhawk from Skeeter

    Great....! Good Shoot'n....!
  5. Diabloman

    Vaquero action job

    I had mine done by Bill Ogilthorpe. Great!
  6. Diabloman

    Rifle of the day. 458 Number 1

    & a water pipe for a barrel......!? Good Shoot'n.....! ouch
  7. Diabloman

    Anyone make a 5-shot, double action in 45 Colt?

    check out the newer Ruger revolvers. Alaskan model.
  8. Diabloman

    Ukranian recycling

  9. Diabloman

    what is the rarist gun youve ever shot?

    my 08/15 Maxim 1888 all brass Maxim machine gun. 1921 Thompson.
  10. Diabloman

    Rifle/handgun common calibers

    I have a Blackhawk in 41 mag. I WANT a Henry Big Boy in 41 mag. All it takes is $$$$$$....!
  11. Diabloman

    Rifle/handgun common calibers

    I'm with ya Bob. On the ranch back home in Texas my G'Pa had Colt revolvers in 44/40 as well as 1892 Winchesters. Ammo that worked in pistols & rifles was common. There were long shots readily available but if you knew your rifle or pistol you could survive. fwiw I would favor a lever gun in...
  12. Diabloman

    Which gun would you use for deer?

    1894 WINCHESTER in 30/30....!
  13. Diabloman

    Brass Grip Frames good or bad

    I'd like a brass frame but they are PRICEY. outta my range! fwiw

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