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    GP100 327 Fed Mag

    I have the first gen SP101 3 inch in 327 Fed Mag and a Lipsey's target grey GP100 4 inch in .357 Mag. I don't feel the need for another same size GP100 so I bought a Single Seven 5.5 inch in 327 Fed Mag. Now that's the revolver for .327 Fed Mag! Sweet shooter even using the full power 327...
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    Bought a Smith & Wesson

    I have a S&W Model 10-3 with a 4" heavy barrel / round butt that I got from Bud's when they had the Victoria police trade-ins for sale. Finish is holster worn and the backstrap of the grip frame is brown where the cop must have been resting his hand when it was holstered. The grips were worn...
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    Mark IV - Hogue Grips Poll. Vote for the next rubber grip!

    A black grip would be my first choice... The Lava Red would be my second
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    LCRx 327 magnum , will it happen ?

    Ya but finding one of those at a reasonable price is like finding hen's teeth. I want one anyway... :) Cordite
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    Volquartsen install in a Mk 3....

    I did the same thing with my Mark III Comp. Also removed the LCI and added a filler. Much better trigger.... recommended. Cordite
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    My excuse for another .22 pistol

    So it's not a rule then ... :D You probably need a Mk IV Lite to match your forum handle. I don't think it's possible to have too many .22s. Everybody loves them. Cordite
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    How would Ruger build a Mossberg 500?

    The Mossberg 500 and Rem 870 tooling and machinery has been paid for long ago. The Mossberg and Remington just need to keep the machinery maintained and their costs remain low. For Ruger to break into the pump gun market they would need to buy new tooling and machinery which would have to be...
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    GP100 Match Champion

    I can understand the concern but I will bet that Ruger has run the Match Champion frame through many Finite Element Analysis sessions on the computer. A go-ahead from that engineering step added to much successful test firing would minimize the risk of any cracking or other bad things...
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    Single Seven .327?

    I have a Single Seven with the 5.5" barrel. Easy to shoot and you have the choice of 4 loads. I usually shoot 32 H&R Mag and .327 Fed Mag in mine. It is one of those guns that I will not consider selling as it is just that much fun. Cordite
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    Colt reintroduces the 6 shot "Cobra" revolver

    I helped out poor old Colt quite a bit by buying a Gold Cup National Match 1911. I do like the look of this revolver so I may have a weak moment if I handle one at my local enabler (LGS). Cordite
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    My GP100 44 arrived with 2 issues

    Dried blood.... not surprising. I bought an SBHBH that had sharp edges in the trigger region that actually cut me when I fired it. A bit of file work fixed that. Cordite
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    Big Bore GP100

    Previous post... " Jeff Quinn just says stand an inch closer to the target... And that it makes sense if you don't think about it. " Maybe you should stand 1.2" closer to the U.S. border... and then it would be OK to buy them in Canada.... And that it makes sense if you don't think about it...
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    327 rifles from Henry

    Here is what Ballistics By The Inch had to say about the .327 Fed Mag -> The biggest velocity gain comes between 2" and 6" barrel lengths. I would expect a Henry rifle with a typical 20" barrel would result in the AE 100 grain load moving along at...
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    Looked at a lovely sp 101 today, but...

    +1 to that. My .327 SP-101 has the cast hammer and I actually needed to deburr the aggressive checkering with a light filing to make it comfortable to use. My SP-101 cocks smoothly so I would say the example you tried has some problem. Could be a burr or a metal chip/some other debris in the...
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    How much ammo is enough?

    I agree with that although I have most of my ammo in Cabela's plastic "dry boxes" which are a lighter copy of an ammo can. I have divided up the ammo to one caliber per can so I don't have to root around looking for the right ammo when it's range time. I have a 4 foot wide heavy duty shelf...