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    New 1990's Ruger M77 MKII .338 Win Mag with BP stock issues.

    That's only half the solution ... the other half is with the pad off, you fill the hollow where your cheek rests with some lead, and balance it with some up front under the barrel. Adding weight will help with slowing down the 'snapiness' of the recoil. The narrow butt is always a disadvantage...
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    77/22 .22 Hornet ...Opinions?

    Do a search on Google ... they're hit and miss. Some report great accuracy, others less so. Some talk of bolt shimming, special bedding etc ... others of stock standard rifles shooting exceptionally well or exceptionally poor. I think the earliest may have been hit and miss ... later rifles...
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    Custom Ordered Ruger No.1

    So offer what Savage does to its customers? Note ... these are not options for those outside the USA so the point is irrelevant to me personally being in Australia. As it stands, Ruger cannot supply in any timely manner what is ordered from here with extensive waits or part shipments made. For...
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    Ruger needs a custom shop

    A Custom shop would get around the problem of dealer exclusives rarely if ever being exported because international distributors wont buy someone elses 'special run' from say Lipsey's. End result is that Ruger No1 afficiandos in other countries get frustrated at a) not being able to source the...
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    Hornady .17 Hornet

    Call me crazy, but I think Hornady has missed the mark. They produce a lovely 32gr V Max ... perfect for legitimising a 20AckleyHornet. They'd have the market sewn up for projectiles, brass, ammunition and dies in one hit. Release a lighter 20cal pill and they could create a niche for a...
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    Lipsey's Ruger rifle quality vs. standard Ruger production

    They could tweek the profile ... as was done on the MkII 350RemMag. It was a unique profile ever so slightly heavier than the MkII 338WinMag's. Manufacturers hate running close to absolute limits though, so an RSI in 35cal would require a custom barrel maker, but a 338cal is easy. Cheers... Con
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    anyone else loading for a 264 mag hawkeye

    Why? What's wrong with it that they've decided to provide a new barrel? Cheers... Con
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    Is this normal?

    Okay ... seems to have been sorted. Its a first generation MkII ... absolute earliest were bump feed/pushfeed. Cheers... Con
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    Is this normal?

    RJ556, You win the cigar! Its a MKII, it shouldn't look like this, the cut out should be at the bottom allowing the case to slide up under the extractor claw. This one acts as a pushfeed only ... a hybrid action ... or a left handed bolt stuffed onto a right handed gun? Cheers... Con
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    Is this normal?

    Guys, Pulled this from an Australian forum. Without my rifles to look at and compare its got me stumped ... but shouldn't the opening on the bolt face be in the downward position? Cheers... Con
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    Suggestion to Leupold

    The Leupold 3x is available to be ordered. It was released/announced on the 1st Feb, I believe they'll start shipping towards the end of Feb. These are the specs on it ... New 3x vs old 3x specs Actual Mag. 3.4x v 2.7x Length 10.3” v 10.3” Obj. Tube Len. 2.95” v 2.95” All OD and Length Dims are...
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    GSR Export model?

    gunners, I believe the 10 shot magazine has been confirmed as being available for Australia. Cheers... Con
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    GSR Export model?

    The stainless Ruger's are almost an institution in Australia. It would be understandable for the importer to request them in stainless. Cheers... Con
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    GSR Export model?

    Here's something that may interest you guys ... Cheers... Con
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    How come I never see any chatter about the #1 in 204?

    I feel that the 1A is the perfect platform for short cartridges ... 308Win included. But the remainder are better suited to longer cartridges, primarily because of the 24" barrels. Cheers... Con