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    was it hard to walk away from your home?

    the wife and I have bought this house in 1978 and are now planning to move spring of 2024! This summer we started our new house on Bois Blanc Island and got it closed in by the time the ferry shut down for the winter. Next summer hope to get the ho finished and the polebarn built. in the mean...
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    Stinking thieves

    last Sunday someone broke my wife’s car window and then beat the crap out of the steering column! For their trouble they got a charging cord, handful of change and half a roll of SweetTarts! We got about a $1800-2000 bill. Did I tell I support the death penalty to be done at the soonest time...
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    Please don't try to pet the fluffy cows.

    In September of 2018 was in Yellowstone and my 36 yr young daughter wanted ”Great“ pictures of Bison so off we go looking for Bison! We found a small herd! About twenty head. She set up her tripod and got many very nice shots from 100 yds. I worked my way down the path to put a huge boulder( the...
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    Thinking new stock for Ruger Hawkeye LH 233.

    The wood on my rifle is above average grain and I need a shorter lop. I don’t want to cut it so am looking for a replacement stock and want a classic style( no thumbholes or crazy stuff) any suggestions Thanks
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    Deer Processing Saltwater Soak?

    I normally don’t soak deer but one year I shot one and it was about 80 degree out. So we gutted ,skinned and quartered it then wrapped in a blue trap. The whole bundle was sunk in Lake Huron. The water was about 60 degrees over night. That was the most mild meat I ever had. I alway if possible...
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    The end is in sight....

    at 66 this year I am slowing down but not stopping. My concern is the deer camp is we all are getting older and not many younger guys coming in to replace and help. when I started I helped with the tracking,dragging and field dressing for the older guys. One day one of the older guys ask “Kid...
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    Good friends.... And not so good friends.

    Many yrs ago my father and I ( both carpenter) in the past where watch Dad neighbors struggle trying to replace his roof. We loaded our tools and went over and jump in helping him. About 7-8 hours in I look down and he is setting at the picnic table eating dinner and drinking a Cold Dew covered...
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    I don't belong....

    Bob I will tell you a true story of a buddy I lost years ago! Paul was a pretty good shot with just about anything that fired. Small bore rifle,Bulleye target and IHMSA when I shot with him. I found out that he had stoped shooting for a many year because of the following story. Paul and the...
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    Gangster hubcaps

    Can you just see the shin that get banged into them sorta like a trailer ball sticking out there!
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    Amazon loses thousands of packages

    I can see it happening. I worked for delivery service and we where the last stop on the semi route. A few time we would get pallets for the place before us on the route. The office staff would call the other stop and informed them we had their stuff. Then it would set for day before someone...
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    As A Matter of Interest....

    I put a few squares of blue towel in my hunting coat use the first to clean my hands and wipe my knife the second to finish my hands a wrap the knife till I can wash It at home
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    Feeling sheepish......

    The wife and bought the house before we where married and I was working all the overtime I could to pay for the updates. About 2 months after we moved in i worked two doubles in a row. Got out and drove home walked to the door and was just about ready to put the key in the door when I realized I...
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    nails...price check!

    Find a Amish farm near you and tell him what you have and price. They don’t use a power nailer.
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    Outboard Motors

    UPS delivered my new Tohatsu 6 hp 4 stroke at noon by 2:15 I had read the owners manual and filled with oil. Hooked up the fuel tank and a it started on the third pull! They recommended to idle if under load for a hour and no full throttle till 4 -5 hours. So I had it in a barrel and let it run...
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    Do I need a tractor?

    I get more done in one day with my Kubota L225 and brush hog then the rest of the deer camp members doin a week clearing trails and moving firewood. Not bad for a 22hp for a 45 year old tractor and $350 brush hog. Just remember it’s a small tractor not a big bulldozer! Take small bite and go slow!

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