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    Which one of these loads for my 45 Lc deer hunting ?

    Question for those in the know , taking my 45 colt Bisley 7.5 inch Ruger with me deer hunting this year in case ones in close , i have 3 choices in ammo , Underwood 255GR. Semi wadcutter lead Keith type 1000 fps ,, Underwood 300GR. XTP JHP 1300 fps ,, Underwood 250GR. Xtreme penetrator 1400fps...
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    Does Ruger still make a blackhawk 45LC in stainless, 4 5/8 ?

    Had one maybe 20 years ago in that configeration but dont see it on Rugers website any more , Buds says out of stock , called and they said they didnt know if still being made , not wanting the convertible acp one just straight 45 LC . Thanks .
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    If speed is 1150 from 6 inch barrel , how much from 7.5 ?

    if the speed is pretty close to right , would 1150 with a good hollow point be ok for deer hunting , or should I have him up the power a little ?
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    If speed is 1150 from 6 inch barrel , how much from 7.5 ?

    I dont reload , my boss at work reloaded me some 41 Magnums he said are supposed to do 1150 from a 6 in . barrel , what would they be doing from a 7.5 ? Thanks .
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    just won this 41 Mag.

    i don't reload , lots available now for these at Underwood ammo , cheaper than dirt etc.... what little I shot it , I think its the most accurate 41 I have ever had .
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    just won this 41 Mag.

    yes got it this eve after work , looks really good and tight, hopefully this weekend I can shoot a few rounds through it , trigger needs a bit of work, slight creep , and little heavier than I like, but probly take it to a gunsmith, and have it lightened a little . Noticed theres no numbers on...
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    just won this 41 Mag.

    your right , not going to let it bother me ! :)
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    just won this 41 Mag.

    Hmmm guess theres always one that finds something wrong with something you say , or gramer on these forums , tried to find a way to delete the thread and couldn't, but o well, thanks for all that's helped with questions in the past , see ya .
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    Ruger made a Bisley 41 Mag . with 7.5 barrel ?

    Thanks , just won it, hopefuly will be a good one ! : )
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    just won this 41 Mag. hopefuly will be a good shooter, looks decent in pics , one of the discontinued 41 ,s with 7.5 barrel .
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    What years were the RB 41W 7.5 Bisley 41Mag . produced ?

    Curious on these as they were discussed here a while back , RB 41W 7.5 inch Bisley 41 Mags , these were the ones with the roll marked clyenders , anyone know the years , and how many were made ? thanks .
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    new to Gunbroker, question

    if you ask seller a question, does there reponse go to your email , or is there a section on gunbroker that you click on to find if they have replied , I couldn't find it if there was on gunbrokers site ? thanks .
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    Ruger made a Bisley 41 Mag . with 7.5 barrel ?

    Darn ! at first glance I thought id found one ! :)
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    LIpsey's Bisley SS flat tops

    OP,s post says 44SPL , link is showing 45LC ? on the 45LC , would they safely handle the hotter loads being a small frame ?

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