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    GP100 - Special Cylinder Tool

    The new style tool would fit the new style ejector screw head. -Carry_Up
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    GP100 - Special Cylinder Tool

    The early style GP/SP ejector screw tool has been around for a long time. Is the newer style ejector screw tool being offered by anyone? Thank you, Carry_Up
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    GP-100 FP Erosion from Primer Leak

    There is no firing pin 'erosion' in your photos. The tiny flat on the tip of the firing pin does not indicate a problem, as the factory confirmed. The circular line around the firing pin is what you expect after firing lots of .357 mag. but also might be the circular mark from a lathe parting...
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    New GP100 22LR FTF

    A couple of thoughts on this thread. First, I'd like to thank the person who always instructs the owner to give his new firearm a good cleaning. It can't hurt, but it has never been the magic fix for me. I am amazed at how some people take a new problematic firearm and begin to file and...
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    Old Model Single Six problem with light strikes.....

    Light strikes is one of several common issues that get worse as the gun ages. First, the firing pin is not faulty, it is the cylinder which is too far from the f.p. due to looseness that develops with wear. SS parts are getting very difficult to find, but even so, individual parts will not...
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    The cyliders on my GP100 are not all staging the same ?

    The term "staging" has a very specific meaning which should be defined as moving the trigger part way to the release point and holding it there, waiting for the sights to line up to finish the trigger pull. Staging is something performed by the shooter and is not a manufacturing feature. It is...
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    Is this 1985 SS Security Six 4" Worth $400?

    I'm the guy in the back of the room who still doesn't get it. What is the appeal of a Security Six, other than it is now hard to find? Believe me, if Ruger determined that this design was highly valued, they would be making them. In the unlikely case that an unused Security Six was found...
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    Ruger Mark Trigger Modification

    In my personal opinion, we have just crossed over into imagination theater. Mechanically, it is easy to understand the concept of a perfectly fitted pin in a perfectly fitted pin hole. But saying that the aluminum trigger causes the trigger pull to be squishy...excuse me, but I'm missing my...
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    Ruger Mark III Hunter goes full auto.

    Thanks AZShooter1 for your interesting post and the photo of your cracked sear. This story is pretty instructive in that some failures actually can produce dangerous results. Secondly, the cause of the problem was found easily by observing the condition of the parts. Good going - have a close...
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    Gun manufacturers are counting on customers like you to be satisfied with a poorly made and/or poorly adjusted firearm. Ejection should be smooth, and not require injuring your hand to get the empties out. Your chambers were undersize and there isn't any excuse for it. You mention brushing...
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    Assuming that you were using a good quality ammunition, the only possibility is that the chambers were not reamed to correct size. This problem is common with almost all brands because correctly reamed .22 chambers in stainless takes a sharp cutting tool and constant quality control. Enough...
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    You bring up an important subject that is little understood. All revolvers will spit to some degree depending upon the exact tolerances, the throat dimension, the bullet dimension, the forcing cone angle and depth, registration of the cylinder with the barrel extension, whether the chamber and...
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    The word you are looking for is "carry-up". Any modern revolver that fails to carry up, even at slow speed, is faulty and must be repaired. Somehow people tell themselves it will be fine if they just operate the action briskly. Well, it is NOT fine. It is a safety issue. In fairness to the...
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    Breech to cyl clearance tolerance

    The goal is to define the problem correctly in the first place. What was the original problem, again? If your recoil face was being slap peened by the cylinder, digging a trench into the recoil face...that would be a problem worth fixing with a shim on the recoil face. But, in such a case...
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    Breech to cyl clearance tolerance

    That's basically how its done, except that the shim has to be silver brazed to the frame. JB weld is a great glue, but doesn't cut it for gunsmithing.