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    How many of you have one of these?

    I’m not sixshot’s late buddy, but he helped me get one just before his late buddy found one. I haven’t shot it too much yet. I have gotten some squirrel blood on it just before the pandemic hit us.
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    Question for Coin collectors

    In the early 1960’s I was picking night crawlers to go fishing the next day and found a 1900 fifty cent piece in the flower bed. I still have it.
  3. callshot

    Are you a Baby Boomer 1946/64?

    June 1946. Early model with a few big boomers.
  4. callshot

    How To Post A Pic?

    Nothing works for me. I’ve even tried pasting a picture on my screen with tape but it doesn’t go anywhere! My daughter outlined it for me a couple times but something changed and I just don’t worry about it anymore.
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    Sign of the times

    I got a 44 Mag. Bisley hunter for Christmas and couldn't find any ammo. Dick gave me some to get started. A few days ago in a smaller local store I found a few boxes of it and the clerk said he would look at home to see if he had some that I could get from him the next day. When I went in the...
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    Favorite firearm purchase of 2020! What's yours?

    I picked up a Ruger 44 Mag. Bisley hunter. Now I’m looking for brass!
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    New gun or accessory waiting for you under your Xmas tree?

    I got a new 44 Mag Ruger stainless Steel Bisley hunter with the 7 & 1/2” barrel. It’s a shooter!
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    Hollywood entertainment news...Obama as the new James Bond.

    Is this true or is it an April Fools joke?
  9. callshot

    Thought for the day!

    I paid the car off on Friday, so I’m now debt free again!
  10. callshot

    Testing new picture hosting site.

    I remember that day.. she, the cow elk, dropped over dead just before the shot because she saw that you were wearing shoes!
  11. callshot

    Might never buy ammunition again

    I understand your situation and am in the same here. When I would cast some up, I would cast a large amount and will not need to do any for quite a while. However I think my sons and some friends will take care of them just the same as they will take care of my wife’s sewing machines...
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    Barranti Vest

    Nice vest Dick, but I can almost see a smile on your face which you try hard not to do in a photograph!
  13. callshot

    An embarrassingly good day

    I have thought of doing that but never have gotten into it yet.
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    To The Board Members:

    I just tried calling him. Got the answering machine and left a message. Steve
  15. callshot

    Muley with the 45

    Looks like your fence needs a coat of something.

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