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    E cigaretts

    Thanks for all the replies folks. Useful information from all. Thanks and God Bless. Buster Cat................
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    E cigaretts

    Just want to know what your experience with them is. Any info. on them would be helpful. Thanks............Buster Cat...........
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    Can You Answer These 10 1950’s Questions?

    A+ for me. Buster
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    Just for fun,just imagine.

    We take a 9mm case and neck it down to 7.65mm add 90 grain bullet. We can call it .327 cal. Ruger. Heck Sig. did it with a .40 S&W case neck down to 9mm, called it .357 Sig. Now lets go a little further and design a platform for it. Give it a fixed barrel for accuracy, maybe 4'' or so long...
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    Absurd SR9c Today

    I do not know REV. But the size of that soda cap makes me wonder. Buster Cat...............
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    Trausch grips

    Stumbled across the web page for Trausch grips. The ones for the SP101 looked promising. Any one have these, know anything about them? Care to comment? Buster Cat.......... :?:
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    American Old West Gunmen/Pistoleer

    Interesting, it was. As your time permits more of the same would be appreciated. Buster Cat...............
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    Found an old P90

    Update, I had my son stop by the shop yesterday. He told the guy he was looking for pre lock Smith wheel guns, this is true we are always looking for those. He showed a passing interest in the P90. The owner offered to sell for $299.00 but this price now includes the tax and tfr. fee. This would...
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    Found an old P90

    About a month ago I ran across an old P90 in a small gun shop. The old girl had been rode hard and put up wet. The asking price was $299 plus tax and tfr. No indication as how long it had been in the shop. I ask the owner if he would be interested in a trade, said he sure would as he had taken...
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    Another P95 thread

    The P90 is 45 acp only. No p90 in 9mm Buster.........
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    Wolf Ammo.

    I have a P95 That was gained from trading a couple of other guns in 2002. I have no idea of the round count, probably over 10,000. Never a bobble from this gun, no problems ever. I was burning off some old carry ammo this week. Federal Hi Shock, Remington Golden Saber. The P95 ran like a top...
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    Ruger P-95DC Ammo Considerations

    How was your gun converted from M. safety to decock? This could be part of the problem. How many rounds fired of other brands after the conversion? Any problem with those? How old is your P95? Would like to help, but more info. Buster Cat..........
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    Do we wish for monsters?

    Terry I like your post. My thoughts also. Buster..........
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    Beautiful, that is my kind of little buddy. Buster C..........
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    Sad to say Tyler T Grip Company Officially Dead

    I ordered a BK a few weeks ago for a Smith 65. Good fit and fast delivery. The BK is not as finished as the Tyler. At the time I ordered they were only being produced for J and K frame Smiths in black. They are now made with two tabs which should make the grip more stable. Buster.........