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    what is the rarist gun youve ever shot?

    Shot my Merwin & Hulbert pocket army .44-40 in some SASS matches. Wish I would have kept it.
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    General help needed

    That's a brass frame 51 Navy copy. You will find s broken spring once you get it apart.
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    The Killer Angels

    Think that was in Outlaw Josey Wales
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    Ever replace a heater core?

    [img]2001 Chevy Silverado[img] Did my 01 Chevy. A PIA!
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    Testing - first attempt using IMGUR I see yours! My second ever picture.
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    NMFTBH Bound up

    Check if the cylinder pin has moved forward.
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    Another classic screwed up........

    I just took my girls and grandson to the play yesterday. Thought is was very entertaining. I was suprised they included the extremely non-PC chinese restaurant scene. Had fun.
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    KARMA Drawing: XR3-RED Buckeye Burl Grips

    I feel lucky!

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