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    Ruger American Ranch in 7.62x39

    To start with I purchased a used Ruger American Ranch Rifle in 300BO. I got it to shoot MOA with little trouble, but I was thinking a little more speed might not be a bad thing for deer hunting. My local dealer had a 7.62x39 version in stock, so we did a trade. I next went looking for brass. It...
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    Got me an American Ranch 5.56

    I have not shot mine yet. I put a vintage Three Prong Flash Suppressor on it. For Glass I have a Weaver Extreme Classic 2.5 -10X Duplex. I swapped out the trigger spring for a ball point pen spring cut to length. Mine was touching the barrel out on the forend a little. A few minutes with sand...
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    350 Legend

    I was looking at an American in 300BO for the wife a new deer rifle. She stand hunts with most shots inside 150 yards. She has been hunting with a Browning BBR in 270 for the last 30 some years. My plan is to get her to shoot a lot more before season. The 270 recoils fairly hard, and I think she...
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    Alaskan .454 Casull

    I have a 480 Alaskan. I would call it a handful, but shootable if you regularly shoot big bore revolvers with a little gusto. With a 454 you can shoot 45 Colt or 454 which is an advantage. I reload all of my 480 ammo, so it can be whatever power I want it to be. Down side, it is a little heavy...
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    GP100 in 22lr

    Dave do you shoot Steel Challenge? It looked to me like one of the Speed Beez Speed Loader with the loading block would work ok for Steel Challenge Stages. Load the revolver and snap the speed loader on the next cluster of shells for the next run. If you shoot more than ten rounds on a stage you...
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    GP100 in 22lr

    I have been considering one for Steel Challenge. My 4" S&W 617 is a Six Shooter. With 5 Targets per Run you only get one miss with it. Reloading the Six Shooter with HKS Speed Loaders is a little slow when the clock is running. My first Match I only ran the cylinder dry one time. I have figured...
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    Which LCR calibers do you currently own?

    Still have the LCR22, did have a 357 Magnum also. I just added the new model White Line Front Sight to the LCR22 so that I could see the front sight better. Bob
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    Ruger Security Six- my first revolver

    My first Ruger was a 4" Security Six. My EX probably still has it. Mine was a tack driver. You will like it. Bob
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    Pachmayr Compacs GP100

    I believe they are out of production. I have a set with the same issue. I had them on my adjustable sight 3" for a while. Great concealed carry grip, but the gap in the front seam is pretty hard to put up with. Bob
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    My GP100 Burris FF3 Mount

    Nice Job. Bob
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    GP100 Grip ?

    The Altamont's are way better looking than the factory version. I have the Snake Skins on my 6" Blued, 3" with Adjustable Sights, as well as my Alaskan. I really like the look. Bob
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    Thinking New GP100

    The Front Sight looks like a Marble available from Midway. They come in Green and Red. No advice on the color choice. I have both, and like both colors. I picked Green for a hunting back up on my SRH. Check out Altamont for the rubber grips. They have the fancy rubber, and wood inserts. I have...
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    GP100-Talo 6inch -unfluted cylinder model

    Not the Talo, but I do have a 6" that I shoot ICORE match's with. The Talo comes with a nice set of wood grips, and the plain Black front sight from what I can tell. The unfluted cylinder will only be noticed when cleaning. No carbon in the flutes. I guess you are planning to hunt with it. If...
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    My Ruger Revolver Lineup Is Growing

    I like BIG Families. It would be nice to have a HUGE Lottery Win :) S&W does make some nice ones also. Good thing I got my 480 Alaskan when I did, my local pusher handed my a 500 S&W the other day that I liked a lot. The choice between the two would have been hard. I got the right one though. I...
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    My favorite Ruger revolvers,what's yours?

    My Favorite would depend on what day it is. Deer Season: Super RedHawk in 480 Ruger with UltraDot Match Dot 30mm sight on a Weigand Combat 454/480 Base. She has a 9.5 barrel, and has been slicked up internally. Daily Packer: I have an Adjustable Sight 3" GP100. She has a set of Altamont Snake...

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